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Purchased: Rocks and Bitches

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Leander stood still, his hands moving behind his back, his chin up.  He wasn’t meeting her eyes, but he could see Sylviane anyway.  And she did not look like he had just defied her.  

“I just mean…” She faltered and tilted her head.  “Here, come downstairs with me.” She reached for his hand, dropped her hand, and led the way.

Leander followed.  If he tried to gauge forty feet when he couldn’t see her, he was going to get a headache.

Even more of a headache.

She waited until they were downstairs, through what looked like a very well-appointed bar, and into a gym some colleges would kill for, before she said anything.  “Okay, look. It’s your body, and you can do what you want with it as far as I’m concerned. You’re a fae bodyguard. You could look like Poindexter and still kick ass, right?”

“…Right…”  He had no idea what she meant by, well, anything anymore. Continue reading