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Target: Bully – an Aunt Family Story for Patreon

“Now remember, this is not going to be a cure-all, and it might do something you don’t expect.  Be careful, and don’t get caught.”

“Thanks, Aunt Eva.”  Chalcedony slid the little vial into a side pocket in her purse, ignoring the looks her brother was giving her from the passenger seat of her car.  “Thanks for waiting, Stone.”

“Still better than the bus.  What…?”

“Olivia.  More to the point, Dan Williams.”

“… Chalce…?”  Stone raised his eyebrows.  She ignored him, or at least pretended to, as she got her car onto the road and headed towards school.

She wasn’t going to be able to ignore him forever.  When she turned onto the main road, she cleared her throat and tried to answer.

“Olivia.  She doesn’t have what we do.  She just got here, she doesn’t have family, she doesn’t have -” Continue reading

Addergoole West-Coast 2: The Adults

After Addergoole West-Coast: a beginning.


“Remember me?”

Rosmarina’s father had gone very still.  “Yes,” he said slowly. It sounded like the words were being dragged from him.  “Pontius. Of course I remember you. You… yes.”

The man held up both hands.  “Peace. We grew up. I grew up.  You want to fight about it, we can do that later, one we’ve got Rosmarina settled and have you and Muirenn and your family all set.”

“Dad?”  Rosmarina tugged on her father’s sleeve.  “What’s he mean?”

“It’s a school, starfish.  You’ll stay at the school, remember?” Continue reading