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Tootplanet: Explorers’ Logs Planet 7-11-1


Planetary Day 370

The good news is: we’ve isolated the biological/mineral combination that makes the ocean water joy-juice.

The bad news is: It’s because Lei found some standing water in isolated rock bowls that made the same compound.

The really bad news: Standing water is as dangerous here as it is anywhere, plus the dangers of the joy-juice.

The tolerably decent news: Lei’s knee-highs make pretty good assistant nursemaids.  They aren’t letting him leave bed until he’s healthy again.


Spoils of War V: Rest Stop

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Aran came down from the upstairs bathroom scrubbed, looking like another person.  He had even found a razor and cleaned up his scruffy beard to something that reminded her of a goatee.  “Guessing they left in a hurry.” He ran his hand through his hair. “Haven’t used anything like those soaps in a long time.  I smell like a funeral.”

“You smell like flowers.”  She stepped up close and sniffed his hair; he froze but didn’t complain.  “Well, like the chemical equivalent, at least. Not bad.”

He leaned down and sniffed her hair.  “You, too. Like one of those days in spring where everything is going crazy.” Continue reading

Tootplanet: Explorers’ Logs Planet 7-9-1

Planetary Day 466

Now that we have the pink-yaks settled to taking a harness, we’ve been working on an actual shelter for next winter. Our habitat is clearly not quite enough, so we’ve skipped to the end of the Exploration Manual and have started making a home.  

You know, I wasn’t actually surprised to dig down and find that the clay was pink.

Finding silca sand that made pink glass was slightly more surprising, and means that our windows may be letting in, ah, rose-colored light.

The way the last winter went, we might need every bit of optimism we can get.