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This has been bouncing around in my brain.  

Fae apoc, Keeping, consensual.  Plays off a story I wrote a long time ago about a d/s place that worked as a facilitator between people that wanted to be Owned and people that wanted to Own them. 

“All right.”  Landry was settled into the back of a rather large limo with three complete strangers, all three of whom were gagged and bound.  Only one of them looked very comfortable with it, which made Landy start to wonder a little bit.  “Let’s get these gags off of you and start there.”

Two weeks ago, Landy had been facing a rather awkward issue: where do you find Fae willing to work for you, willing to admit that they’re fae, and willing to tell you what their Words are, all on a short time frame.

Landry’s long-term driver, assistant, aide-du-camp and all-around miracle-worker, Macy had, rather tentatively, offered that there were places that did just that.  They took in willing candidates for Keeping, put their belongings and a large portion of their fee into a trust for them, and vetted potential buyers.

Now Landry had something like Mr. and Miss July, bondage-pin-up edition, tied up in the back seat of the limo, and the whole thing was seeming far more sketchy and far less, well, simple than Macy had made it sound.

Gags.  Landry started with the first of the two guys: shaggy blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, and a sort of panicky look about him.  One finger on the lips once the gag – something like a whiffle ball, and not the sort of thing that Landry would normally use for such things – was removed.  “We’re going to stick to ‘speak only when spoken to’ for now.  Understood?”

“Yes…” ah, the look.  “Yes.”

“That goes for all three of you.”  Next was the woman’s gag.  She was leaned against Landry’s legs, not seeming to mind.  She didn’t try speaking when the gag was out but did work her jaw.  And then the third, the one who looked sort of like he liked the gag.  “Now… I asked you your Words.  Not common for the place you were in, I think.  But I’m going to try to keep with what you were expecting as much as possible – while I really, really need people with your Words.”

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