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World Building June Day 2: Geography

It’s World-Building June!  So I’m building Worlds!  Aerax/Expectant Woods over on Patreon, and Bear Empire and a new thing here!

Bear Empire
(The setting for Carrone and Deline, Chased in the Bear Empire)

2. What’s the Geography of your world?

The Bear Empire is mountainous, with sprawling fields.  It’s the top part of the continent – or if not, everything above it is un-livable, and it probably claims right up to the pole as a matter of course.

The mountains form a border on one side for at least one other nation.  Near the south, the borders are often more drawn on paper than in the landscape, but at least one of them is a wide river prone to seasonal flooding. Continue reading

World-Building June Day 2: Geography

Originally posted on Patreon in June 2018 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.

It’s World-Building June!  So I’m building Worlds! Here on Patreon, I’m building “Aerax”, the world of Expectant Woods. Over on WordPress, I’m working on Bear Empire, the world of the so-named story, and a new thing called United Space. 🌋

2. What’s the Geography of your world?

Twelve sky islands hang above the sea, forest, and mountains.

Each sky island has the same basic geography: It is roughly round, usually with four to eight rounded protuberances (thin overlapping petals). At the center of each island, the ground curves upward in something that might look like a small volcano.

This center is hollow in all cases, but only on the biggest islands is it big enough to admit a full-grown person.

The islands above the forests tend towards rich soil, hilly surfaces, and small rivers.

Those above the ocean tend towards relatively flat areas with sandy soil.

Those above the mountains are quite hilly and rocky.

This, of course, is because they were all lifted up from the ground beneath.

As for the Down-Below land: the Nevilla mountains are not impossible, but they present a very impressive boundary which comes rather close to the ocean.  Between the ocean and the mountains, the ground rolls slowly down to the ocean-front plains, covered until the coast mainly in thick, dense forest and wild grasslands.

The ocean seems to stretch on forever to the west and to the east-south-east.  There are no other islands visible save for the sky islands.  Even from the highest island, one cannot see past the mountains.

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