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Funerary Rites 29: Service


It took them another fifteen minutes to calm Chitter down that time, during which the tea and coffee – and Chitter’s soda – arrived. The maid bringing the drinks made things either better or much worse by looking Chitter in the eye and apologizing for being late. “I had to feed the moat creature, you see.”

“Moat creature! Moat Creature! Wait…”

Five minutes later, Senga had managed to convince Chitter that there was no invisible moat and no moat creature. Five minutes after that, with Candavish’s amused help, they’d managed to calm her down.

“Honestly. You could have just told me that you were kidding,” she huffed.

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Swale Lake

Originally posted on Patreon in October 2018 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.

This story brought to you by someone introducing me to the Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar –*~

“The boy was confused.”

In the years to come, that would be said more than any other phrase in relation to the Bobby Dagmar case.

It was also both the most accurate and, considering how it was used, the least correct.

They would also say that he had hit his head, temporarily suffering thus from severe nearsightedness and hearing loss.  They had the symptoms correct in this case, but not the cause.

But what nobody ever quite could answer was why neither potential mother — Mrs. Dagmar nor the woman who claimed the boy was Jules Whittier — recognized the boy until they bathed him.

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