NanoWriMo Skip Week

Where’s all the content, Lyn?

It’s in three documents for NaNoWriMo, that’s where 😉

Skip week this week.  Have a few snippets of what I’m working on.

(Green is described as being “days where you did exceptionally well.”  Yellow isn’t described, but those days I wrote less than 1667 of NaNoWriMo-logged words but was still above the Nano Daily Goal overall)

“I am your Aunt!  I am your elder.  And if you cannot be polite to your elders-”

“Then I imagine I’ll have trouble at work, yes.”  Eva smiled crookedly. “I told you I’d look into the Matthews and I will.”  Sometime this decade, for sure. “I assure you. You might ask Aunt Antonia about Cosette and see if she has any insight.  There’s not all that much she knows, but she might – what’s the phrase – there might be something she doesn’t know that she knows.”

“Trying to send me away again?”

“Well, I have a lot of boxes to go through, and they’re really not going to sort themselves.”  Eva gestured at the pile. “If you’d like to help, I have dust masks and gloves over there-”

“Dust masks and gloves?” Ramona glanced at the pile. “For trinkets?”

“I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the attic chests in here don’t collect anything more than enough dust to provide ambiance.  I’ve meant to study that spell for a while, because it seems very interesting and I think it might do me good somewhere else in life.  On the other hand, the boxes down here have been around – well, this one longer than I’ve been alive – Aunt Asta, as all Aunts, kept cats, and the dust one some of the things seems to have been there when she – or Aunt Ruan – packed them up.  So yes.” She pulled on the gloves and grabbed a dust mask. “There might be something interesting for you. Something from your childhood. Wouldn’t that be neat?”

“Why do you need another hand?”  Verve leaned forward and studied the hand parts.  Sheen held himself back. The wrong magic mixing with his technomancy and it could all fall apart in an instant. “The one you’re wearing seems pretty cool.”

“It’s not bad, I’ll give you that.  It was my second attempt. I mean, the things that they provide, the off the shelf things, those are awful.”  He gestured a bit with the hand, which did a good job of responding to his nerve signals. “But I can do better.  That’s the thing with being, well, uh. Me. That is, you know, a technomantic genius. It’s like being a shark. You never stop moving.”

Verve tilted her head and looked at him, looking for a moment like she was looking through him.  Sheen shifted, looked back at his bag, his smile falling away like someone had deleted it.

“I-”  He fumbled with his meat hand and huffed at the bag.  “Here. All don-”

“Self improvement.”  She made a noise that might have been hunh and might have been ha.  “Very literally. I like it.” She patted his shoulder.

“…Now, I know I’m just the student and you’re the professors-”

“This, Eunestazia, is why you should stop listening to blowhards and arrogant prigs.  You’ll have your doctorate soon enough. Your first doctorate, I should say. And then you can stand in front of idiots like {} {} and tell them exactly how stupid their ideas are…”

“Sir, you’re being stupid and you ought to make sure that you stay close to Doctor Zlata Rao, not run away from her again.” Eunestazia’s voice was completely even.  If it hadn’t been for the subject matter at hand, Xeroviya might have applauded. “I’m sure that the two of you can find some way to put aside inter-university squabbles and work together for that time.”

“That reminds me,” Xeroviya put in, quickly, before this could turn into more private disputes, “I found a bracelet that might interest you,Doctor Mendelssohn.  Do you have your gloves on?”

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