For The Best

Dark Hermione, complicit Harry, post-books and ignoring the Epilogue.

This is mad magiscience, with most of the actual results being offscreen, but it still involves attempting to reproduce the effects of the Imperius Curse without using an Unforgivable, and it does involve human (wizard) experimentation.

And I kind of want to expand it.


“I know it seems a little sketchy, Harry, but there are things we need to know, and it is not as if we are torturing them.  Nor are we using an Unforgivable.”

Harry didn’t argue with Hermione right then.  For one thing, they’d already had most of the iterations of this argument that he could think of.  For another, he had his hands full. Even with Mobilicorpus, Goyle was not that easy to move, and he was starting to wake up.

“Room number seven, thank you.  Now, I know that this isn’t what the Ministry had in mind, but we both know what they’ve been up to lately,” Hermione clucked unhappily.  “We need to work this out before the remaining Death Eaters rear their heads, and we need to be able to defend oursel-”

“’Mione.  I agreed. I think it’s a little – a little dark, but I agreed.  What are we doing this time? And what did you do to Malfoy?”

“Which one- oh, Draco?”  In “room” – they were cells, and although they were soft and comfortable and warm, they were definitely cells – three, Draco Malfoy was as limp as a puppet with all its strings cut.  “It’s a new spell. Movere chordis, etiam chordis.”

Harry couldn’t help but notice that everyone in all of the first six cells – except Draco – winced. He levered Goyle into the seventh cell and shut the door firmly. “What does it do?”

“What it sounds like.  Well, that is,” Hermione clucked again, thoughtfully, as if trying to figure out how to explain what was obvious to her to anyone as thick as Harry might be.  “One can more or less puppet the person, directing their body by brute force, but one has to be paying very close attention. The second incantation stills all of that – they can’t move any of their, ah, connection points.  It worked the best on Malfoy. I almost wish I had Bellatrix to try it on…. Oh!” She clapped her hands. “Goyle will be good for this one. I’ve been wanting someone to try this new potion on!” She headed to her table and pulled out a vial that was pink and bubbling.

Harry took a step back and looked over the cells.  Next to Draco, Alecto Carrow shifted further to the back of her cell.  Harry, the memory of the Battle of Hogwarts burning in his memory, smiled at her. Some people deserved whatever happened to them.  And it was for a good cause. “Anyone else you want the Ministry to bring you, Hermoine?  I was thinking Pansy Parkinson would be a good choice… and they’ve got Theo Nott locked up, too.”

Alecto’s twin moved towards the front of his cage, his hand coming just to the edge of the bars before the wards hit him and he hissed and pulled back, two long marks of burns showing where he’d tried to pass Hermione’s new spell.  “Take me back! Take me back to Azkaban!”

“Not yet.”  Hermione tapped the bars with her wand.  “And it looks like I have another volunteer for the potion, too. Thanks, Harry.”

“Any time.”  He headed back upstairs quickly.  Sure, it was important work, but he still found it just a little bit creepy when Hermione got going.

It was for the war, he told himself.  It was for their future.

Amycus’ choked scream followed him up the stairs.


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