Bits of a story born from a dream

The dream ended the first time at about the first scene below, after the viewpoint character was Undergoing A Complicated Challenge In the Nether Realms, but she was definitely the daughter of (someone important in hell) and (someone female important some other way).  The story has been tiddling around in my head since. 


“That’s a nice collar.”  Her fingers brushed the air near it.  “Would you like to wear mine instead?”

“Dey…” Chris’s words were a warning.  “You just saw her…”

“I saw her climb out of the Nether Realms like she owned the place.”   Dey was a little impressed.  He was also more than a little turned on. “And now she wants to put her collar on me?”

“Dey, have you ever *heard* of a demonic contract?”

“I’m not a demon.”  The woman had been a dusky black with glittering lights of brown and red flickering across her skin.  She shook herself, the wings vanishing, and looked like a brown-skinned human girl of about their age.

“Oh, well, that’s bett-”

“I’m an Earned and Vested Princess of the Netherworlds.”

“…Dey.  This is where you run away.   This is where you run.”

“Yes.  yes, I’d like to wear your collar, Princess.”


“He spends all of his time with you.  I’m not saying he shouldn’t spend time with his… girlfriend.  I’m saying that his friends would like to see him too, and he doesn’t – he doesn’t even see anything wrong with it.  Can he?”



“Give me time, and I’ll give you an evening of the week with him.”

“Like… time off of my life?  How much?”

“He really is a good friend, isn’t he?  No.  No, I’m not a demon.  No, just spend time with me.  Say… one hour a week.  Fridays?”

“Saturdays, if we have a choice.   I can – I can do that.”

“You really are a good friend.”

Christopher thought it was possible the Daughter of Satan was jealous.



“I’ve noticed that your grades are considerably better this semester.  Can you tell me what’s changed?”

He cleared his throat.  “Satan’s daughter.”  He knew he was blushing.  He couldn’t help it.

“Christopher, I hope you remember that demonic contracts to improve your grades are against the rules here and could lead to expulsion.”

“Oh, it’s not like that!  It’s nothing like that.  She just, ah.  She makes me study.”


“You have a single? How do you always have a single?”

“I made sure my roommate got an offer she couldn’t refuse somewhere else, and poof.”  Her fingers wiggled demonstratively.  “They usually try to send me someone new two or three times a year, depending on how crowded the dorms are.”

“And you- you just send them somewhere to be happy?  How demonic.”

“I’m not a demon.  There’s literally nothing that says that I have to be evil.”


“Could we start the club, if it’s not too much trouble?”

“I’m sorry.”  Dey was not enjoying this as much as he ought to.  He thought he might get jealous. “I’m trying to get the Princess of the Nether Realms laid, that’s all.”

Neither he nor the Princess in question were expecting half of the room to rush over towards them.

Of course, the person Dey was trying to shove her in bed with was not expecting it, either.  This was going to be trickier than he expected.


“Now presenting the Princess of the Nether Realms, the daughter of Satan and of Hel, the Champion of the Seventh Realm and the hero of the Ninth and Twelveth Clouds, the secretary of the Mask and Hammer Theatre Club, Miryam Redbone.”


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