Lexember – Technology

Time for verbs!

Or just a single verb…

We’re going to start with the concept of to count, to sum up.

This is a very old word, first recorded as someone counting their sheep.

fuap is the root word.

fuaplu began as “one who counts.”  Now it means, well, “computer.”  That is, a machine.

BUT from there we go in two directions.

boe (bowie) comes from an ancient word meaning small and now means tiny.  That would be boefu – a microcomputer.

On the other hand, you have the really big, massive things used to grind huge amounts of information.  We have noen (No-en, like noel), from an ancient word meaning great.  So a Noenfu is a megacomputer.

Bonus: noenbeajue, megacorp.

oh, and “tek”, technology, which comes from gaoz, “craft,” and –mɛdio, the study of.  and now is back to Gaoz meaning “technology, things someone can technomance, things that use electricity.”

Speaking of, I have enough words left on this monster to contemplate electricity.

We start with the ancient word – a loan-word at that, peumbas, -as being the ending for “forces that are not quite known.”

This word originally meant bright light, as far as we know.  It is now the root word for all things electrical.

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