Prompt Call for New Year’s

I’ve done this before; I’m doing it a bit different this time.

I went to a random word generator

I got






Leave me a prompt using at least one of those words or riffing off of at least one.  Any world, any people, any concept.

In a couple hours, I’ll post another set of words.


4 thoughts on “Prompt Call for New Year’s

  1. One person’s suffering is another person’s pleasure… one person’s short term answer is another person’s long-term problem.

  2. OK, not gonna lie, long-term makes me think of your new OTMagic3 setting and the comment that the entity hiring them made, that they would eventually become the best in their fields.

    Parcel makes me think of your various fae-apoc stories, and how people get parcels after the fae broke the world.

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