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The Stapler Rebellion

“Class, can you tell me what this is representing?”

The VR diorama  showed two women in early Space era outfits, the one in a tidy romper with a skirt-wrap of a style that was classic enough that it kept cycling around every generation or so, the other in a sloppy scientist’s jumpsuit.  The classily-dressed woman had her back turned on a distraught scientist who was shaking a stapler.

“Oh!  That’s the Stapler Revolution!”  One of the know-it-all students bounced a little. “That’s when — when they changed all the laws about staplers? No, that’s not right.  It’s…” Continue reading

Turn Around_

Originally posted on Patreon in January 2019 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.

In the Prompt Call, I mentioned that:
Fic starring characters who’ll later be in the novel currently titled Found Down Below is available and   .

This is the third character in that novel.


He didn’t turn around.

Part of him was screaming to. Huge parts of him ached with it, whispered to him, reminded him that Dyevo had found all his jobs, had paid his rent, had bought his food…

…had taken 90% of all his fees, leaving him with enough to cover a couple entertainments and the options Dyevo didn’t deign to provide.

Mostly potions, because Dyevo ran this part of town, and if Dyevo didn’t think his Parts should have something, they were gonna make said Parts pay out the nose.

That, of course, was another problem. Dyevo ran this part of town. He ran Tayevyi Industries, he ran the BelowSpace entries, he ran the Parts that did the running and the entertainment and the black market shipping. Continue reading