Archive | May 27, 2019

Hidden Mall 69: L-Space ūüďö

Abby shuddered. ¬†We are in a horror movie. ¬†“We – we really are. ¬†Okay. This way, towards the security office, and let’s hope that it’s still there when we get there.” ¬†She started walking, pulling her friends closer and wishing idly that she had more hands.

Better not wish that when I’m going through a door, she mused, or I might end up with four arms or something.

They walked straight down the middle of the hall. ¬†Nothing in front of them was moving or changing, but they could hear something shifting behind them. ¬†¬†When they reached an intersection, Olly toed the line of tile between the two halls. “Look. It’s a slider. ¬†The whole mall is like one of those puzzles.”

“Shopping in here must have been a challenge,” Abby mused. ¬†“Imagine going in the changing room and coming out in a different store?”

“Heck, trying to find where your mom parked the car.” Liv snorted. “Or ¬†— well, anything else. Where’s the food court?” Continue reading