Archive | May 14, 2019

A Weekend, the Sun, the Cold, and the Cats – a blog post

This is going to be a sort of generalize life-of-Lyn post, so hello!

Yesterday, we took the boys to the vet (that’s Oli and Theo, my boycats) for their annual checkup and rabies booster.  They remain pretty, fluffy, in good help and well taken-care-of, according to our vet, and they even swallowed their pills like good boys.

I’ve been sickish for about a week and a half, so if I’ve been quiet, other than scheduled posts, that’s why.  Did you know your sternum can get inflamed?  It kind of sucks. It’s called Tietze Syndrome or Costochondritis (although looking these up, WebMD seems to think they’re different things, my doctor put both on the paperwork).  It’s — well, annoying, on a good day.

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