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Hidden Mall 70: Better than Others

The stores moved behind them.  Abby tried not to turn around, but found herself peeking.  She could see the Little Panda grind to a halt halfway between the Little Italy and the Subway.

She turned back to the security office, feeling absurdly guilty. “They wouldn’t move when there were people here.  They don’t like being looked at.”

“I’m not sure if that’s more or less creepy,” Olly admitted.  “It makes them like Weeping Angels that are… shopping.”

Abby took a breath. “I am not thinking about that right now.”  She opened the door to the security office, half expecting to be hollered at by some guard who had been watching — well, not the mall, clearly.

There were cameras; there was a door.  There were control boards like a sound room.  There was a chair. But there was nobody in there. Continue reading

The Meter Problem

Originally posted on Patreon in June 2019 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.


This is all @lilFluff‘s fault. Brought on by a toot thread in a now-deleted server, quoted below. Science! ‘verse. 


“I think we’ve got it!”

Liam stopped at the door and peered at his scientists.  They had to be his; they were in his building.

But he couldn’t remember what this room – tucked behind the break room and next to the fire escape – was even for.

The scientist looking at him looked like she’d forgotten what a brush was for, but she also looked thrilled.

“Tell me more.”

“The square meter challenge.  It was a problem for interns, twenty years ago.”

Liam made a mental note to make sure someone in HR knew about this department.

“And…?” Continue reading