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Hello! If you’re only reading me  here, you’re missing things!

On Ko-Fi, free for anyone to read:

Hedging ItI’m sorry but this tree is not allowed…
Ornamental – The ornamental gardens had been a work in progress for well over a century.
Tangent – The books were a huge find.
Dead Crossing – Not nearly as dark as it sounds. 

On Patreon – those that are free are marked with a * – This month is Dragons Next Door; last month was Borders, Gates, and Crossings. 
With the Freaks – if you love them so much, why don’t you live with them?
Blanket Fort  –  Every child’s blankie has magic.
The Meter Problem –  a story of Science!
The Eastern Gate – a story of the same gate from About the Gate
Drawing a Line – a line was growing in the sand.

The Haunted House – a yard diagram

The Expectant Wood – Nimbus’ Journey continues with Chapter 39: Tadpoles on Fish. Water Under Stones. and
Chapter 38: Too Many Questions

On Archive of Our Own – free to read and ongoing.
Exchange Students – Harry is going to Addergoole. Porter is coming to Hogwarts. Nothing could possibly go wrong!
Reconstruction – The war is over, and yet Harry, Hermione, and Ron, Neville, Luna, and Ginny find they have another war on their hands. What’s more, Harry appears to have an enslaved Draco on his hands.

On Mastodon – free to read and fun to join; super short fics
Cake Walk, weird.

On Sufficient Velocity – an interactive Fae Apoc Quest
Rhiannon was not expecting any of this.  But now she’s got to figure out what to do while a bunch of jerks keep attacking her city. 
This has continued on quite entertainingly!  Stop in and vote in the quest.

And while I’m having trouble keeping it updated: