A Blog Post: On Health

 I don’t talk about my health a lot, well… on this blog, at least.  But it’s been, uh, on my mind a bit so I thought I’d sort of talk stuff out

The below: warnings for mental health, physical health, some dark humor, probably, and weight issues.  And Parental/family issues.

Okay, so, I’ve mentioned that a couple years ago I went through the annoying but necessary process of a differential diagnosis that targeted … some of my issues as MS. 

I have a slow-progressing form that isn’t doing a lot of damage, but I still have a zombie immune system that is eating my brain. 

Dealing with this has been… well, I’ve been trying?  My parents… have not been great about it. My mom is falling into “I just want you to be healthy,” which, great, yes, me, too.  HOWEVER.

My dad, I shit you not, said that “this is what you have chosen as your difficulty in this life.”

I did not yell at him. 

Maybe I should have. 

Okay, so, MS.

The drugs to keep it at bay sometimes make me sick, but I’ve not had another flare-up, I have drugs with a great 50’s sci-fi name (Interferon Beta!), and I … don’t feel any different. 

Which is all well and good!


My liver function came out high the last time I went to my GP. 

And it turns out

After I visited YET ANOTHER doctor

That my liver thinks I’m fat. 

I mean, I AM kinda fat, right now, as far as the numbers go. 

So here we go on the weight loss thing again. 

I mean, I already wanted to lose weight.  I already knew I had to lose weight — it makes my arthritis feel better, sometimes it helps with the depression (what, you thought MS and fatty liver were my only problems? 😉 

…it makes clothes look SO MUCH nicer on me. 


And I really like clothes. 

But something about “or your liver will fail” is a little more motivating. >.>

So! I have an exercise bike!  I have a new scale! I have a plan. 

Someone send me a danish?


5 thoughts on “A Blog Post: On Health

  1. if having a friend you vent or discuss such matters with would help at all, im here 🙂 im pretty much always trying to lose weight, but with rather mixed results lately. also if you like Discord at all, theres a helpful server im in …have to figure out how to link to it… https://discord.gg/x6zQ9R i think this link expires in 24 hours but i can send another if you ever wish 🙂

  2. I had forgotten you have health issues. Which also means it doesn’t negatively affect the quality of your writing; hopefully knowing that … helps somehow?

    Wishing you consistent willpower on your quest for better health!

  3. Solidarity in wishing you success with the weight loss!

    Congratulations on not blaming your father for his contribution to your genes to his face.

    Do you want that Danish on a string to dangle in front of you on the exercise bike?

    • you know, that might make me exercise more! 🙂

      Husband pointed out that in re. epigenetics, dad really MIGHT have screwed me up more 😀

      Husband is always helpful in ways to tweak Dad.

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