Archive | May 28, 2020

How it Should Have Ended

I needed to write this to write something else, which I haven’t written yet. 

This is a roleplay fiction, written about a character I played back in the early 2000s.  The short version: Jhonny is an Eshu (Changling: The Dreaming) who has very strong connection to her past lives, which also happen to be her ancestors, in her case.  She has a very very long history of being connected with another, we’ll call him Xavier because I can’t remember how to spell his name, a connection which has often led to both of them dying young. 

In the life I was roleplaying, it was an amazingly bad relationship, which is, all things considered, not surprising.

Anyway, in order to write the story I wanted to write, I needed to end her story differently.  So here we go with a How it Should have Ended. 

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