Archive | May 5, 2020

Writing Retreat Prompt Call

Tomorrow, I will be Writing!

I’ll be working on getting some buffer on all of my current things, but I’ll also be taking prompts.

The first theme for tomorrow will be:

Mystical powers, Magic, and Enchantment

Our Second theme is

Travel, trips, journeys

Our Third Theme is

Gardens, planting, and growing 

(prompts will probably be written tomorrow but hey!)

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Blood Oranges

Written to the writing prompt here –

although I missed one word.  Warning, this got a bit doomier/darker than I meant it to.  No body horror, but suggestions of murder/kidnapping/other crimes.


“Put it in the trunk.”

Chase waved the keys to send the trunk lid popping up in the air.  The sleek black sedan, executive standard, had a trunk bigger than the car looked like it ought to have, which in this case was more than big enough for the rolled-up rug that Toke and Hep were carrying.  Continue reading