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Breaking Character

“Wait… wait.  This wasn’t in the plan.”

He had not broken character through the whole ceremony.  Through the reception, the cake, the photos.  Through the limo ride.  Through the helicopter ride that followed that.  Through embarking onto the little yacht.  Through getting into international waters.

In short, until there was absolutely no chance that anybody was going to catch them, he had stayed 100% in character.

Magdalina had to admit she was impressed.  When Shadi had suggested him for the role, she’d been…  well, doubtful was a good word for it.  Dubious.  Uncertain.  The man was barely out of college, barely shaving, barely at all familiar with the criminal underbelly.  How was he going to pull off a lynch-pin role in a complicated, three-stage heist? Continue reading

Seventy And Seven

The Man was sulking.

Romana did not find it all that attractive

He was attractive, physically.  He was tall and lean and muscular, with a very firm chin unlike anything elven.  He had very nice skin and lips that looked like they would be very nice smiling and he had beautiful hair that was nearly as long as Romana’s, which was saying something. Continue reading


They had to do something to pass the time.

They were snowed in – not just snowed in, but stuck, without a single plane, train, or automobile leaving the city for the foreseeable future.

The news reports were calling it the storm of the century, or they had before the power got a little too spotty to spend any on tv and the wifi got so miserable nobody could get a signal except when they sat in one specific spot in the middle of the dorms.

They’d started with board games.

That, of course, had led to arguing about board games.

That had almost led to a fist fight, but Maddy had gotten in the middle and handed Jody her glove. Continue reading

Your Turn: What Do I Write Next?

Okay, I thought I’d just open it up to you guys ’cause I need some reader excitement to excite me. 😉

Below is a list of my current projects, with a number afterwards listing number of days since last written.

Pick one, or one non-writing and one writing, for me to work on next writing session.

Please feel free to ask me what any of these are, too.

💾 – Website maintenance

🚶‍♀️ – Exercise

🎨 – Art

(no sign: writing)

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