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Live-Writing Day – Last Call on Polls 2, 3 & 4 and a Question

Live-Writing Day, December 27, 2020 8-10

Hello all!

It’s the last call on polls 2, 3, & 4 so that I can finish up something of an outline tomorrow.

Link to Poll Four

Link to Poll Three

Link to Poll Two (Genres)

LiveWriting Day Page

And!  What ELSE should I put in a poll for tomorrow (Saturday), something that could be determined before the writing begins?


So, tell me…

Husband got me a new microphone and I’d like to try reading a short story for people to listen to.

This is very nerve-wracking but I want to do it.

Please suggest one of my short stories – Probably something short enough you say “not done yet!” – preferably under 2000 words max – for me to record myself reading for you.

Your Turn: What Do I Write Next?

Okay, I thought I’d just open it up to you guys ’cause I need some reader excitement to excite me. 😉

Below is a list of my current projects, with a number afterwards listing number of days since last written.

Pick one, or one non-writing and one writing, for me to work on next writing session.

Please feel free to ask me what any of these are, too.

💾 – Website maintenance

🚶‍♀️ – Exercise

🎨 – Art

(no sign: writing)

Thimbleful Posts💾 115
Plan Submission n/a
Patreon Xposts 💾 83
Spoonflower 🎨 60
mm werewolf 58
Strata Fic 58
Map 🎨 57
Bike 5 minutes 🚶‍♀️ 53
Prompt 21
Story for B 18
Commission 18
Saving the Cult 17
Landing Page Landing Page💾 16
The Bellamy 10
Painting the Prison 10
F.I.B. M.A.D. 9
sort files 8
Muzzled 8
Nano Mine 8
Patreon 7
Owed A Life 4
Streeetch 🚶‍♀️ 4
Purchase Negotiation 4
Inherited 3
Blog Post 2
Helpers 2
arranged 1
TootFic 1
Mine Book 1


Aunt Family Help (Mostly Kelkyag) Requested


I’ve started to write the story of Beryl going through Aunt Mary’s journals.

Which means I really need to be able to place Aunt Mary on the timeline.

Preference is earlier but American so obv. not TOO early; I also need to know or name the Aunt that came before her.

1789 is the earliest I can go and be in the timeline that the Rochester NY area was settled IRL.

Looking at my posting calendar…

(cross-posted from Mastodon)
Well, I seem to have burned out on Spoils of War again so I guess I gotta figure out if I’m going to post something else in its place.

Right now I’m posting Purchase Negotiation (Fae Apoc (Fdomme, just pre-apoc)), Saving the Cult (urban fantasy heavily inspired by some of the Marvel shows out last year), and The Bellamy, an English Manor Hellmouth/Library/Archive.

I’ve also got… The Ambassador from the Mists (Fantasy politics), Upstairs/Downstairs (Slave dramas belowstairs), and

Aunt Family Journal Tales (the concept here is a series of stories based on the journals and on Beryl/Eva finding them, but I have no plot yet)  currently in progress, along with The Rubble (Fae Apoc, long post-apoc), the Wilds of Notebook (portal ???), and the possibility of restarting Kael’s tower from an earlier point, which is slightly daunting.

Feedback is welcome with the note that what I feel like I can enjoy writing will probably be the deciding vote – although on that note, good comments make me enjoy writing something more. 

Worldbuilding Wednesday – The Jeweled Pomegranate / Digging for Pants

Today’s Poll Picked the setting of my current impulse project, Digging for Pants.

Okay this is going to be FUN!

Today’s #WorldBuildingWednesday is a setting I dreamed up for my incomplete #NanoWrimo 20…18? story The Jeweled Pomegranate , which could loosely be described as
Academics Having Adventures
+ Magical Items
+ Forced to Be Together (via said Magical Items)
+ A Ruined Wold.
So! The Ruins! In a time Before, the world was hit with a series of what are now called subside-ances – pretty much semi-magical sinkholes big enough to swallow, say, the Smithsonian.

That is… almost all I know.

I know there are universities with research professors (& grad students) who they send to explore in these places, either for “grave robbing” (they’re not inherently graves) or information acquisition, and all that grey area in between.

And I know that magical items *definitely* exist.

Oh, and that money exists.

So! I’m asking you: ask me questions! Help me work on #WorldBuilding this world of… exploring a previous era of the world!

Continue reading

Today I am Feeling uncreative

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Today, I am feeling uncreative, and so I beg your aid in a story I am writing for the Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call.

I point your attention, if I may, to the world of Things Unspoken.

Cities/places already in existence include

Scheffenon, the Scheif Harbor, high on the Northern Sea (where there are Cornesc-speaking people)
(Scheffenon isnot a Cornesc word, but one from the people who had been here before)

Orschëst, down by the southern border

Corthwin (where the Ash remains unburnt)

the western cities, the ones that had once belonged to an Empire called only To (never the To Empire, the Tovan nation, or anything else, just To)

Here is a very draft map – http://www.lynthornealder.com/2015/04/28/what-happens-in-meetings-a-draft-map-of-part-of-the-unspoken-world/

So!  I need another city.  There’s sort of obviously not one language to this Empire, so it doesn’t have to sound like those above, but should sound… “exotic?”  Well, not Springfield or Washington, let’s go with that.

(Most of my named people have Eastern-European-inspired names, just as a note)


(If I get more than one, i’ll clearly just have to write another story)

What Next?


You may have noticed that I have come to the end of Haunted House!

This leaves me with a slot for posting things and being uncertain what to work on next.

So I thought I’d ask you guys!

Options include:

  • Leave the slot open and work on getting Haunted House edited and ready for publication
  • Leave the slot open for rotating prompt calls of short stories
  • Pick up one of the following:
    • Beauty-Beast
    • Purchase Negotiation
    • BeeKeeper
    • Post-Scar City
    • Post-Scarcity Mystery
    • Catboys in Cages
  • Pick up something else (your suggestion)
    • Portal Closed has been suggested & seconded
    • Desmond’s Climb has been suggested & seconded
    • Bee-pocalypse has been suggested
    • Science! (the Chickens) has been suggested
    • Fairy Town: Whitney & the Crossroads Park, or Katydid’s series
    • Space Accountant
  • Start a new serial (your suggestion)
    • Dragons next Door
    • Aunt Family
    • Things Unspoken

Note: I have Kael’s Tower earmarked to work on when I finish Hidden Mall, and Funerary Rites was giving me a lot of trouble the last time I tried to work on it, thus why they’re not on the list.


About the New Patreon Fee Announcement: Options, Questions

 crossposted from Patreon.

So, Patreon has, over the last couple days, released first an announcement and then a clarification about its fee structure.  (here: https://blog.patreon.com/updating-patreons-fee-structure/ )
What this means for patrons is a $0.35 + 2.9% fee added on to every pledge
I have been considering my options while flailing about with every other creator who thinks this is a horrible, awful, very bad idea. 
So far, I have come up with broadly three plans:
* try one of the Patreon “alternatives:” Gumroad, librepay, the Kickstarter one that isn’t out yet. (main problems: Librepay does not allow paywalled projects, which I like, and its format isn’t as robust, from quick looks.  Kickstarter isn’t out yet.  Gumroad has slightly higher fees, so that’s out, unless I misread their fee schedule)
* Start a newsletter I send out 2? times a month to subscribers.  Major problems with that: what do I do about different donation tiers?  And I really like the constant feedback and regular posting schedule of doing things every week). 
* Replicate Patreon in subscriber-locked posts, either on my wordpress blog or on a subdomain blog just for that.  (Main problems: the upkeep.  I might have to rely on people to tell me if their donation has expired). 
I really enjoy the format here at Patreon, although there are many options I would like that don’t exist yet (archiving, for one!).  I like being motivated to post every week, I like looking through reposts, and I like the stretch of things like the maps.  (*guilty glance at the map tag*). 
But I don’t think anyone needs to pay that sort of fee, when the whole idea was to encourage microtransactions. 

That’s not as important, however, as what you think, so please tell me: what do you think about my options?

Loose Ends Everywhere…

In spending November picking up loose ends, I seem to have dropped all those other skeins…

What, of my long-running projects, are you most interested in seeing me continue (up to, say, 10 suggestions)?