NaNoWriMo: An Update!

NaNoWriMo 2020

Week One of NanoWrimo2020 is in the bag! (As of the end of yesterday).(note, I SWEAR I hit publish on this Sunday night, so read it as it it was written Sunday night…)

Ciel and Rowyn showed up for my Nanowrimo-countdown-to-Midnight on Halloween, and between the two of them they got me to midnight, which meant I managed to stay up ’till something like 2 a.m. getting my first 2k words in, hooray!

I haven’t had a lot of luck with write-ins (virtual, of course) and my region this year so far, but I’m gonna keep trying. I’ve been doing pretty well with sprints from two different Discord groups – why does everyone want such long sprints? /faux woe/

(Yeah, you guessed it, I’m a 5-minute-word-sprint sort of gal.)

I worked my wordcount schedule around several Calculus exams and with Sundays off (except the first, because midnight), so I’m not feeling too pressured.

So my total Nanowrimo Wordcount as of the end of 11/7/2020: 15,365
This is divided between:

Submission: 1309 (This is “a story written to submit for publication”, but since it’s due on the 15th and has a 4000 word minimum, I’d better pick up the pace.
Patreon – 1728 -(a continuation – well, more of an expansion, all things considered, of “Friends”, a Caturday tiny-fic)
All Those Other Stories – 6856 – Rock, Hard Place, Eralon’s Restrictions, Kith & Kin, and “Night in Fae Apoc,” a one-shot roleplaying game I’m trying to write in, you guessed it, Fae Apoc.
Afterwards – 5472 – the novel set I’ve been working on since um… March 2018. It started with the story “Lightning in Autumn” and features Leo of Boom fame- it’s a post-apocalyptic travelogue/gay romance. It’s also the only one I’m behind on my par on (par for yesterday would’ve been 6500), but I figure I’ll finish up one of those things above pretty soon…

… right…


All in all I’m pretty pleased.

My total projects goal for yesterday was 15110; my 2000-a-day-except-some goal yesterday was 12,400. I.e., I’m well on the way to winning Nanowrimo.

Ahem, I’ve also written 9272 words of what’s listed on my chart is “Hooked;” this is a continuation of a probably-abandoned fanfiction (last updated in, I think, 2017) which is itself a slight AU of a canonical AU of Once Upon a Time (You’ve got to love shows with canonical AUs).

That is, in Once Upon A Time, the Author’s AU flips the roles, villains and heroes. In this fanfic’s slight variation, the couple characters trying to fix this fail.

And I’ve written 1000 words each of two other pieces of fun – one is a piece I’m working on called Leo-is-a-Sword, which is, you guessed it, an AU in which Leo (same Leo, of Boom fame) is a talking magical sword. Actually, um, three variations on the AU, because why now – and ah, a team-up caper in which that Boom meets up with the Leverage team – that one’s based on a dream, but only loosely.
and 1000 words of a something else, sort of a secret project.

All Told, my wordcount as of the end of 11/7/2020 was 25,339.
… and I can add another 500 words for this update! 😀

A couple fun bits:

The god put both hands over his face; that is, the god-in-the-oracle put both of her hands over her face.

The puma put a paw over her face. Li chuckled and let herself fall into sleep.

Dinner had tasted bad and used too many different utensils. Her after-dinner cocktail had both been a ridiculous indulgence when people were trying to kill her and scented sugar-water that held no real kick. The servant who brought the dinner and took away the trays afterwards was a stupid boot-licking palace tame dog who didn’t look at Chress with proper respect.

And the tub was too warm, too cold, too smelly, not smelly enough, and overindulgent, but at least he was in it.

“But of course, they don’t want to listen to the mad old lady, do they?

“Generally, people who don’t listen to older women, mad or not, find that they regret it to their detriment.” Autumn smiled playfully. “Or, at least, I’ve been told that by several venerable older woman who might have had reason to know. And since I’m not a fool, when a wise old woman tells me something, I do tend to listen.”

You know… we could Huck Finn it, he mused to the Other.
Pretend to be dead? The Other gave the sensation of tilting his head all the way to one side.

Pre- no! The part about getting on a raft and floating down the river! Nathan coughed, snorted, and made sure – again – that nobody was looking at him.

And now, to sleep, perchance to dream up another AU.

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