MapVent: What to map?

It’s almost the end of November!

Right now, what this mostly means to me is that I have 4000 words to go to the end of NanoWrimo (and 6100 to the goal on all of my Nanowrimo Projects… or so…)

But it also means that December will be here any minute now.

My plan for December is NOT a writing-centric plan!

(Sometime in January, I will get back to publishing at least 2 serial fictions relatively regularly.  That’s a goal.  But that is not this week.)

So December I want to do what I’m calling map-vent.

And I’m inviting everyone who likes mapmaking to play along.

MY PLAN: 25 days of one 15-minute-map a day plus 15 minutes a day on one of my longer extant map projects.

I have several ongoing map projects that are just amazingly time consuming for one reason or another: the Saving the Cult campground, Autumn’s Ren Fest, Tír na Cali, and Smokey Knoll from Dragons Next Door.

Those are what I plan on working on in that 15-minutes of extant map fiddly work, which leaves the 15-minute map time for broader-stroke more sketchy maps.

AND THAT, dear readers, is where you come in!

I would like you to tell me what you want to see mapped.

Some things I will not map.  Some things have extant maps already on Patreon.

(“There are no maps [of Discworld]. You can’t map a sense of humor.”)

But you’re free to suggest as many things as you want; after all, I have 25 days of sketchy maps ahead of me!

As for sharing in this challenge, I’d say that making a daily commitment to work on some sort of map over December would be all that’s required.

Have at, draw the maps, enjoy!

11 thoughts on “MapVent: What to map?

  1. Yay, Smokey Knoll map!

    Any of the towns that Autumn has an existing, complete story in — the one with the cats, or the one with the murders at the B&B, or …

    Some part of the crossroads park in Fairy Town, or one of the reasonably stable structures in it and the garden beds and interesting finds in its immediate vicinity.

    The ship Genique is on.

    Aud&Sage’s house, and/or the Smith’s house (interiors).

    The Tiny city in/at the top of the parking garage they bought.

    The Haunted House & its grounds, at some selected point in time.

    One of departments or other subsections of the Bellamy.

    Sylvanie’s neighborhood.

    Is the Aunt Family house map you sketched online anywhere? That plus the grounds, with the guest house & green house & barn(s) and such?

      • I am currently failing to find it, but there was, I think, a story where Autumn (after leaving somewhere unfriendly, I think) arrived at a town that had been carefully closed down by the inhabitants who moved away, who had deliberately left everything in good shape and ready to be used, with instructions on how to close down the rest of the things (like the refrigerated cases at the grocery store) when they were no longer needed. And there were cats, and clearly the cats were being fed, and a good chunk of the remaining stock at the grocery store was for the cats. So she fed the cats, and stayed at the B&B for a while looking after the cats and keeping the place neat, and eventually got in touch with … IIRC both some people who had lived there, and some friends who were looking for an out-of-the-way place to start and artists’ colony, and helped make acceptable-all-around arrangements for that happen. And fed the cats, and went on her way with one feline companion.

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