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Visible Bisexuality: Go (bi) Yourself (redux), a Facets Ficlet.

Okay, if Summer, Mellie, and Bishop are mellow and low-key about their bisexuality… Cole is not, and neither is Alexa.

This comes after Trouble in Doubles and Kissing One’sself (NSFW); the gist of which is that the Facets Team – Alexa, Cole, Josie, Aerich, and Peter – have opened a Door into a world which has not only exact copies of them but clones as well.

Facets of Dusk has a landing page here.

Cole had spent the day kissing – and fucking, and being fucked by – himself and several variations on Alexa. He’d thought the day couldn’t get any more interesting – a high bar already when you spent your life bouncing from world to world.

They had finally gotten dressed, mostly because two Josies and one Aerich were getting very impatient, and two impatient Josies were even more persistent than one. They had finally left the room, because Peter had gotten himself punched by probably-clone Alexa for asking far too many questions, many of which really deserved worse than a punch.

Out of the room, they had gone around a corner and run smack dab into… Cole blinked. He looked at Alexa, dopple-Alexa, and clone-Alexa, although he wasn’t quite sure which was which. He looked back at the man who was staring at them. Who was, for all intents and purposes, Alexa.

He waggled his eyebrows at dopple-Cole, whose face grew into a slow grin.

Peter sighed. “We are never getting anywhere here, are we?”

“Look at it this way,” one of the female Alexas offered, “they generally only make three or four clones of any given person. He’s – they’ve – got to get tired of fucking mes eventually.”

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Into the Doorway, a beginning for Facets of Dusk

To Rix_Scaedu‘s prompt.

Facets of Dusk has a landing page here

This is the beginning of their first mission, so comes before almost everything.

They had their assignment.

They had several assignments. There was the primary mission and two spoken secondary missions. There were their individual assignments, overt and covert. And there were a couple that did not come from their nominal leaders.

They had their gear.

Alexa had her Diplomat Clothes, wrinkle-resistant, fast-drying, and professional-looking in almost any environment.

Cole had his weapons. All of them. He had basic survival gear and a full uniform with no insignia anywhere. And he had weapons.

Josie had her backpacking gear and an apothacary’s worth of herbal… things. Nobody knew what they were for, but they were light.

Peter had his instruments, and then some more instruments, and a large pad of paper. Nobody knew what they were all for, and some of them were heavy, but Peter carried them all.

Xenia had her weapons, her climbing gear, her survival gear, and her weapons. She weighed every single item, and discarded anything that would weigh her down.

Aerich, as far as they could tell, planned on going forth with an expensive suit, a stunning chin, and monumental arrogance. Very few of these weighed anything, at least.

They had their team.

Xenia shared a look with Cole. Both of them looked at Peter; Xenia’s lip curled. Cole glanced at Aerich, his hand resting on his gun. Aerich’s lip curled at Josie. Josie’s nose wrinkled at Xenia. Xenia looked sidelong at Alexa. And Alexa was giving Peter the stinkeye.

They had their door.

Alexa. It all came down to Aleandra Bianchi. Cole stepped up to one side of her, Xenia to the other. This ought to be a military operation. It ought to be an exploratory mission. Instead, it all hinged on a former diplomat with a barely-tested ability to open doors into other worlds.

Peter ran his instruments over the doorway – deep in the archives of the university, well-camouflaged by opening, mundanely, to a supply room full of microfiche. Three of his instruments screamed at him every time they got near. It was definitely The Door.

They had their orders. Alexa opened the Door. Six mavericks stepped into the doorway.

A team would step out.

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The Bloody Rose of Morning

For Vryka’s prompt.

Facets of Dusk has a landing page here.

Cole woke.

He generally considered this a good start to the day, getting things off on an immediate positive note.

He woke in a bed, which was even nicer, a comfortable bed with soft sheets. The day was already looking up. And there was a warm presence next to him, soft-skinned and pleasant smelling. The night was beginning, slowly, to come back to him, in blurry flashes. The team… the team was in another room, in the same house, or perhaps several rooms. Their hostess…

…Propped herself up on one elbow and smiled at him. “The water of the dawn falls sweeter than the rain of the evening.”

Ah, this.

Cole wracked his mind, but the only thing that came up was

“He drinks a whisky drink
He drinks a vodka drink
He drinks a lager drink
He drinks a cider drink

He sings the songs that remind him
Of the good times
He sings the songs that remind him
Of the better times”

The girl smiled uncertainly at him and reached for a bottle by the bedside, while, still smiling, Cole cursed himself. Josie had been on a roll last night, pulling lyrics out of her ass, and even Aeric had been able to come up with a poem or two. Cole? Cole could manage Chumbawumba.

“But the sweetest morning comes,” she continued, her gaze far too intense for his comfort, “with the coldness of reasoning.”

Oh, shit. Where was Josie when he needed her?

Right, not watching him in bed with another woman. Or at least not with this bronze-skinned beauty with the stunning eyes.

Stunning eyes. Stunning… blue… eyes. Sinatra!

“I thought I found the gal I could trust,
watta bust, this is how the story ends:
She’s gonna turn me down and say,
‘Can’t we be just friends?'” He gave her a game smile, but she was frowning at him. Which was still a lovely expression, but not the one he was hoping for.

“Those who would be drunk upon the bloody roses of the morning beware the price of the wine,” she informed him firmly.

“The price…” He quashed the Kanya West lyrics that came to mind, and just shook his head. “It was a lovely night, beautiful.”

“The bloody morning wine,” she repeated, one hand gesturing crudely at parts of herself, “is sweet, but ware the path its taste will lead.”

He had to get out of here before he ended up married. Again. Was it bigamy if the wives were in different worlds? “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra,” he tried weakly, and, because it generally solved things, he kissed her.

She kissed him back, and seemed to agree with him, by the press of her body, that it was a good idea. So he kept kissing, fully intending to keep on tasting her bloody morning roses as long as she’d allow it.

Until someone started pounding on the door. “Those who taste the morning wine must pay the sherrif’s rosy fine!” shouted a deep and angry voice.

Sighing, Cole reached for his pants, the girl, and his gun. And the morning had been looking so good!


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Kissing One’self

kink_bingo – I-2 – Mirrors and Doubles – from my card. As this is a kink bingo story, it is smutty, and it involves doppelgangers and clones.

I like this, but honestly feel I could do more with the theme.

Author’s notes: this takes place soon after this story (on LJ) where the Team has just found themselves facing dopples of two team members, Josie and Alexa.
Cole lay in bed between Alexa and Alexa, near Alexa… and Cole. His doppleganger was smoking a cigarette; Cole reached over and took it from him, leaning over what he was pretty sure was a clone-Alexa to do so.

“Well,” he grinned, “this is the most fun I’ve had today.”

Clone or not, the Alexa he was leaning over hit him.


They’d encountered doppleganger!Josie (who was very, very clear on the fact that she was not a clone) and clone!Alexa (who had no such problem) first, just steps into this new world. The Josies had still been trying to work out who got to freak out first when doppleganger!Cole (probably also a clone) had come around the corner, with what looked like a third twin of their opener.

Cole had had a bad moment there – the two Josies and the three Alexas seemed rather similar in personality to each other, and he knew exactly what he was capable of, especially when dirty, tired, and confronted with an unpredictable situation. He really didn’t want to have to shoot himself in the face – almost as much as he really, really didn’t want to find out that his doppleganger was faster on the draw than him.

But doppleganger!Cole had taken them all in, grinned, and said “where the hell did you clones come from, and, wherever it was, tell me you brought booze, cigs, and a shower.”

He’d almost dodged his Josie slapping him, too, still declaring that she, of all of them, most definitely wasn’t a clone.

The ice had been broken enough, though, that they’d been invited back to their dopple’s HQ, the basement of an old Zear’s store, complete with a couple creepy mannequins and, much nicer, half of the housewares department. There were twenty of them there, all ragged and dirty and all very glad of the supplies in their visitors’ packs. Aerich had been cranky, Xenia and Peter distrustful – but their dopples weren’t there, and, to be fair, they didn’t know their teammates that well, much less their teammates’ duplicates. Josie had managed to calm herself down, and the three Alexas had compared notes over the fresh apples his Lex had thought to bring.

That left it up to Coles to suggest the inevitable.

His dopple started it, with a raised eyebrow and a head-tilt at the two cloned Alexas. “They’re a riot in the sack together,” he murmured, which got him hit by the cleaner and more in-charge of the two. “But I have to admit…”

And his Lex finished it. “…I’ve always wondered what being in bed with two Coles would be like,” she grinned sharply, the kind of thing that looked sweet until you saw all the teeth she was showing. She turned to the clearly-junior dopple-clone. “Got a bed big enough for three?”

No one should have been surprised when someone with Lex’s genes shot right back at her with “I’ve got one big enough for five.”

And, while the rest of the team might role their eyes, truth was they weren’t going anywhere until Lex decided to open a Door, so might as well enjoy themselves for a bit, right? And Cole had earned them goodwill in more than one place with what Peter liked to call “his own particular brand of Cowboy Diplomacy.”

So Cole found himself kissing himself (he tasted like salt and Josie’s homebrew), while Lex went down on one of them, then the other and the other two did a mirror act that was illegal in several states but delicious in any world. Naked, they lost the few distinctions of clothing, and in the dim light, the lifestyle differences he’d seen – his Lex had a couple pounds on her dopples, and the junior clone had a sepia tattoo over her left hip – faded, leaving them identical brown writhing bodies. He grabbed for a head of hair, not caring which it was, and kissed the girl, then kissed himself again.

All three Alexas bit, but they all had their own unique moans and cries and, more surprisingly, their own tastes under his tongue. He looked up to see dark eyes staring down at him, or felt nails in his hair, and only when the girl there called him by one of Alexa’s naughty nicknames for him (“Coal shoot” was her favorite and least sensical) did he know which girl he was licking.

Of course, when he twisted to find dopple!Cole lining up for his, ahem, coal shoot, he knew exactly who was who, but it was still unnerving to see that leer looking down at him.
Some time later, he reached over and stole his dopple’s cig, earning himself an elbow from one of several lovely Alexas. “I could get used to this,” he groaned.

“Me, too,” he heard himself agree. “So, are you leaving yours, or taking mine and me?”

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The Uniform

Rating: PG-13 for sexual innuendo

It wasn’t his uniform, but it fit him, and it felt good.

Cole straightened the sleeves – powder blue. Who put their military officers in powder blue? – and checked the set of the jacket in his reflection in a car window, then set off down the street. It took only a couple steps to get back into the proper cadence, and not even that long to get the posture right. He’d been out of uniform for a couple years, sure, but the Air Force never really left you.

Their salutes were a bit strange here, but he’d watched officers and enlisted grunts interact for half an hour before he stole the uniform. It wasn’t hard to imitate the gesture, which the academic sorts had mentioned was Roman-esque; the attitude he didn’t have to fake. As long as he didn’t run into anyone who knew the officer he was pretending to be, he should be fine. Of course, in a city as crawling with military as this one, that wasn’t a very safe bet. He rounded the corner, intent on his destination, and nearly bumped into another powder blue uniform.

“Sir.” The pretty blonde with one bar less than him and a chin you could cut cheese with knocked off her salute with just a bit too much precision. Cole had seen that before, although never from the receiving end. In the Home world, soldiers didn’t do that sort of thing to men, at least not tall, strong-looking men.

Here, though. He saluted her back with exact precision. “Lieutenant,” he nodded brusquely. “What’s the situation in the Northwest Quadrant?”

The Northwest Quadrant was on fire; as far as they could tell, the whole damn quarter of the city had decided to riot at once. But she was coming from that direction, and her uniform showed wear on the cuffs and a long seared mark along one side.

“Under control. Sir.” There was a suggestion to the “sir” this time, like she had an idea how he’d earned his rank. Well. “I was sent back to barracks to R&R,” she continued, “but the barracks are on the other side of a line of fighting right now.”

It wasn’t, exactly, a question. She was eyeing his very clean jacket, which fit him like it had been tailored. His very clean hair and face, not even bothering to hide the question: do you deserve to wear the uniform?

Even though it was a stolen jacket, with a borrowed rank, in a world not his own, the accusation rankled. He smiled back at her with an expression borrowed from a female commanding officer, one that was full of suggestion. “There’s a place right around the corner where you could bunk down for a bit. You look like you’ve seen quite a bit of action.”

She stood a little straighter, surreptitiously straightening her own sleeves. “Sir?” One eyebrow rose the tiniest bit, asking did you just proposition me?

“I’ve got your back, Lieutenant,” he answered, poker-face. With luck, he might get her front, too.

“Well, sir,” she shrugged, tugging at the bottom hem of her jacket. “I could use some time off my feet.”

“I hear you,” he nodded sympathetically. “This way then, Lieu…”

“Jaxine,” she interrupted. His back to her, Cole smirked.

“This way, Jaxine.” The hidey-hole had probably been a pretty decent one-bedroom walk-up before the city had been occupied; it still had, now, passable running water and a one-burner propane stove. Cole had been hiding out here for a few days, working on a story; the rest of the team was three floors up, in a decent place with good curtains.

“Not bad,” the blonde acknowledged grudgingly. “You guys at the top get all the nice stuff. Our bunk’s a basement parking garage.”

“Rank, privileges, yadda, yadda,” he shrugged, hoping he wasn’t giving himself away. “The shower even works.”

“Are you saying I need a shower, sir?”

“Cole.” Deliberately, he took off his jacket and folded it over a chair, the only chair left in the apartment. “There’s also a bed.”

“Mm.” She paced the apartment, threw the deadbolt, and checked the windows, the closet, and the bedrooms. “One bed.” She took off her jacket and draped it beside his on the chair.

“One shower,” he countered, as he undid the first button of his shirt.

“Five hours till I have to be back on duty.” She undid her top button, and raised him a second button.

“Then,” he stepped forward and unbuckled her belt. The patent was still stiff and shiny, the buckle new. “I’ll make sure you get some sleep. Lieutenant.”

She reached for his belt, smirked, and switched her grip. Used to unbuckling women’s belts? “Or at least some horizontal time. Cole.”

[community profile] kink_bingo prompt B-1 from my card, “Uniforms/military kink.”

Cole is from the upcoming setting, Facets of Dusk. Stay tuned for more!

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