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This is a portion of a story first posted in 2007. A lot of this story became the background for Addergoole & Fae Apoc, but many of the details are different.

“Again…” Caecelia murmured, distressed, and then, triumphant, “South!”

Her finger landed on the map, pointing to the tail end of a long gorge, a place still virtually inaccessible by humans. Not that they wouldn’t try, called by the siren call of the monsters, try and die in droves if the monsters were note stopped.

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Take a Peek!

Two posts of bisexual characters being people, talking about stereotypes of bisexuality with other people.

“Do you miss being with a girl?” Niki curled up against Shiva’s side, nuzzling sleepily at her shoulder. He’d been peaceful, quiet lately, and today he couldn’t keep his hands off her.

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Visible Bisexuality: and Addergoole, a ficlet of… well, Addergoole

This ficlet focuses on Efrosin, a character in Addergoole Year Nine. The story takes place between years 6 and 7, Efrosin’s first and second years of the school.

Shiva and Nikita are part of Addergoole, the Original Series and their side fics can be found here.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Shiva patted Efrosin on the head and wandered out of Addergoole. “Or anyone,” she threw over her shoulder.

They’d only known each other a year. Efrosin hadn’t even known he had sisters, and then he’d gotten shanghaied by two of them within a week of showing up at school. That had been strange enough. His sisters’ Kept… that had been weirder. The moment when Shiva had asked him “Hey, do you like guys enough to Keep one?” and then raised her eyebrow when he’d sputtered out some sort of lame denial…

People said they knew Addergoole was different at the reveal, or at the point where they went underground, or at the point where they Changed. Efrosin knew it when his sister looked at him, raspberried, and said, “Look, nobody cares, or at least not anyone that matters. I just want to know if you can keep a collar on him without freaking out over ‘eww boy cooties’.”

Ef had manged something sputtered and unclear that boiled down to “boys are fine, what boy are we talking about again?”

(And that had all ended in a pile of exploding turds, but at least it hadn’t been because Ef had a problem with boy cooties.)

Nikita was following Shiva like a lost puppy, a grapey, adorable lost puppy. When she hopped in the car, loading in her pile of children, Niki turned to the closest available person, eyes wide and expression entirely without artifice.

Efrosin sighed. The boy was entirely too good looking.

“You don’t even like guys,” he pointed out, but Niki was walking back to him, wrists crossed behind his back and his cutest puppy-dog expression on his face. “Oh, departed gods… fine. But only for a couple weeks.”

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, Shiva had said. She certainly couldn’t say anything about Niki then, could she?

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Picking Grapes

For cluudle‘s prompt.

Shiva and Niki are characters in the webserial Addergoole.

Addergoole has a landing page here.

“Niki, stop squirming.” Shiva flicked the back of Niki’s ear with forefinger and thumb in exasperation. “You’d think no-one had ever picked your grapes before.”

“Shiiiiiiiva,” her Kept whined, sitting very still because he had no choice and still managing to give off the impression of wriggling. “It tickles. And you didn’t have to thwap me,” he added, sulking.

“This was your idea,” she pointed out. “You can hold still, or I can tie you down.”

She felt a stillness come over him as he stopped fighting the order. “That could be fun.”

“It could,” she agreed. She leaned forward to breathe against the back of his pointed ear. “And if you’re very good, then we will do that later.”

A tiny moan escaped him, a sound she was pretty sure he didn’t know he was making. “I’ll be good,” he whispered, the words seeming to come from deep inside him, from the person behind the bitchy mask.

“I know you will,” she purred. His ear was right there, so she licked the back of it slowly. “You’re my wonderful, wonderful slave, aren’t you?” And was he in the mood to take that as it was meant, and not act insulted?

The soft groan suggested that he was. “All yours.” Sometimes, sometimes she could remind him why he’d asked her to collar him. It seemed today was one of those days.

“Lay on your stomach for me,” she murmured, “and I’ll finish harvesting this batch of grapes.”

She waited for him to shift around, and then straddled him, one hand on the center of his back pinning him, while she used the other to pick the juicy red grapes that grew, Bacchus-like, from thick vines in his hair.

On the bedstand, a bowl already overflowed with the fruit. “I’m going to make the sweetest wine from you, my beautiful boy,” she whispered, watching him shudders at her breath on his shoulders. “And then we’ll get drunk off you.”

“Yes, Shiva,” he groaned, twitching as she murmured the Words to coax his vines to fruit again.

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