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Yoshi Gets a Friend

Fae Apoc, Post apoc by a generation

Yoshi was loitering.

He was leaning on a fence, looking at the new Addergoole​ graduates, a little surprised and a little relieved not to see his mother here.  He’d heard she’d quit – but then again, you heard all sorts of things. He remembered coming home one time to find a new Kept who was absolutely certain that Yoshi’s mom was a serial killer and he was her latest victim.

Yoshi might have trolled that one a bit, although he’d never admit it to anyone who asked.  But he had gotten the boy to get a new vegetable patch dug…

Today, he was here for his own Kept, although he had to rely on luck, since he didn’t have his mother’s ability to Find just the right person.  He was looking for someone with spark but not too much anger, pretty but not too delicate, the sort of girl he could keep around for a couple years.  He was looking for a companion who happened to be collared, not a pet. The last time he’d had a Kept, she’d ended up being more of a pet. Neither of them had been all that happy with that arrangement, and it had led to bad feelings and, eventually, finding her someplace safe to be. Continue reading

Angelic Visitation

This comes after The Storm Prince of Death and @inspectrCaracal’s response here. It is set in the Fae Apoc, at least 60 years after the 2011 apocalypse.  Yoshi is the son of Cynara, often mentioned.  

Yoshi loved his parents, he really did, but sometimes he just needed to get out into the world and get away from them. The same was true of Dáirine, with whom he had a strange sort of on-again, on-again relationship that neither of them quite understood.

To get away, he’d taken to wandering the world — a family trait, it seemed. There was a lot of world out there to see; Yoshi had a feeling that he could travel for a century and not see half of it. But he made a point of checking in every year or so. There was nothing more embarrassing than having your mother appear out of nowhere because you hadn’t remembered to visit.

It was on the way back “home” — to Cloverleaf, which had never been home but was the place his family lived — that Yoshi encountered the little village. It was friendly to a passing stranger, something not all towns would do in this rough age, but their friendliness had a cautious edge to it. Continue reading

Partners, a drabble of Yoshi & Dáirine

Set at the end of Yoshi’s second year & Dairine’s first year of Addergoole.

“We could be…” Yoshi waved his hands around. “…Partners.”

“What’s…” Dáirine imitated the hand-waving… “partners?”

“Like my mother and Viddie’s dad, or like your father and Ciara.”

“Those sound like two completely different things.”

Yoshi huffed. “You know what I mean.”

She huffed right back at him, unbothered. “No, Yoshi, I don’t.”

“I mean – partners. People who have each other’s backs. People who watch out for each other.”

She wrinkled her brow at him. “That doesn’t sound like either your mom and – Leo, or my dad and Ciara.” The hesitation before Leo was strange, but she talked over it. “That sounds like crew. Which, I might point out, we already are.”

“But more than crew. I mean.”

“Yoshi, you can say dating. Or fucking. The twins aren’t old enough to know either word.”

“But this is Addergoole, and those stupid rules mean we both need our second even though we have two.” He flopped into his chair, tail askew and ears crooked.

Dai leaned over and tousled his hair. “Honey, this is Addergoole. We can be a couple and still have babies with other people if we want.”

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