Partners, a drabble of Yoshi & Dáirine

Set at the end of Yoshi’s second year & Dairine’s first year of Addergoole.

“We could be…” Yoshi waved his hands around. “…Partners.”

“What’s…” Dáirine imitated the hand-waving… “partners?”

“Like my mother and Viddie’s dad, or like your father and Ciara.”

“Those sound like two completely different things.”

Yoshi huffed. “You know what I mean.”

She huffed right back at him, unbothered. “No, Yoshi, I don’t.”

“I mean – partners. People who have each other’s backs. People who watch out for each other.”

She wrinkled her brow at him. “That doesn’t sound like either your mom and – Leo, or my dad and Ciara.” The hesitation before Leo was strange, but she talked over it. “That sounds like crew. Which, I might point out, we already are.”

“But more than crew. I mean.”

“Yoshi, you can say dating. Or fucking. The twins aren’t old enough to know either word.”

“But this is Addergoole, and those stupid rules mean we both need our second even though we have two.” He flopped into his chair, tail askew and ears crooked.

Dai leaned over and tousled his hair. “Honey, this is Addergoole. We can be a couple and still have babies with other people if we want.”

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  1. Cabal requires to take his son drinking. Much drinking. He might wait until his son is of legal age, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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