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Love Meme: Doug and Fridmar, Cxaidin and Zizny

The meme is here: Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B.

Here are rix_scaedu‘s and kelkyag‘s first prompts. Doug and Fridmar are from Addergoole; Cxaidin and Zizny from Dragons Next Door. To quote Zizny in an earlier piece:

“For a grown adult dragon, the pronoun is ‘thez.’”

“Theza” is the possessive.

Doug and Agmund Fridmar

Some people went into battle like a well-oiled machine. Doug’s father, for example; he moved with sparse, sharp movement, did what needed to be doing, and drank afterwards with the same mechanical precision.

Some people fought like it was sex: with ridiculous intensity, angry, wild, some strikes almost like caresses, some like orgasms. Of the Thorne Girls, Massima fought the most like that, and she fucked like she fought. Afterwards, she drank as if she was going to take the bottle to bed with her, too. Sometimes Doug felt as if he envied the bottle, and other times he pitied it.

But so very few people fought like a dance, like every move had a place and yet was beautiful. So few people fought such that you could choreograph your movements around theirs and they would notice and do the same right back at you.

Agmund Fridmar, big, fierce, bearish Agmund, fought like a ballet, like a symphony, like a dance, and afterwards, when they drank, his movements had the same precision.

Once, once, Doug had thought of an old and awful quote on dancing bears: “The marvel is not that the bear dances well, but that the bear dances at all.”

That proverb had it wrong, Doug was sure. The marvel of Agmund Fridmar was definitely in how well the Bear danced.

Cxaidin and Zizny

Zizny had fire.

In a literal sense, of course, all dragons had fire. It was their birthright, their gift, their curse.

But dragons were a long, long-lived race, one of the oldest, and they tended, after a few times of setting their nest alight, to be calmer, more thought-out creatures than their flamey breath would suggest.

Zizny was not calm.

Zizny questioned resolutely. Not only the assumptions of others, not only the writings of dragons and other-creatures of the past, but theza own assumptions, theza own truths. Zizny would ask one day why the sun was rising as it always had, and then the next day ask exactly why the dragons got along with humans – or, perhaps, why they shouldn’t get along better with said humans. Thez would question the entire stork arrangement and then snarl at a passing centaur for some comment about dragon history and its habit of going up in smoke.

(This did happen, sadly, but most of the very important dragon records were carved in stone or etched in metal. Very heat-durable metal).

Cxaidin loved Zizny’s fire, the sparks that seemed to fly off whenever Zizney was involved in a new quest, the way thez made Cxaidin question even thezself. Above all, and after all, and in spite of all, Cxaidin loved Zizny’s heat.

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Dragons, next door or otherwise, a drabble for Kelkyag

written to Kelkyag‘s prompt here. Prequel to the Dragons Next Door stuff.

“Well, what do you think?” Cxaidin looped slowly above the neighborhood, taking care to stay very high up in the air – above the range of everything but surface-to-air missiles. “It’s a bit crowded, yes, but I hear they’re very nice.”

“Humans being very nice is a bit like a volcano being very nice, isn’t it?” Cxaidin’s mate, Zizny, flew just above, peering down at the little neighborhood. “Is that a centaur herd I spy?”

“There are pixies and tinies as well.” Cxaidin let the currents drift its body lower. “And goblins.”

“There are tinies and goblins everywhere, dear. But pixies? Really?” Zizny moved closer to Cxaidin. “And I see harpies. Living that close to humans?”

“Smokey Knoll is special, so they tell me. And we’ve wanted the children to get used to humans.”

“It’s get used to them or get rid of them all.” Zizny snorted smoke. “So I suppose, yes. We could hatch an egg there, live there for a while. And that castle down there, that looks perfect. Do we conquer it?”

“Close, dear. I’ve offered to buy out the family currently living there. Ogres, and they think the neighbors smell funny.”

“Ogres think everything smells funny. Well, I suppose.” With two mighty flaps, Zizny gained more air. “As long as nobody shoots at us. I really dislike it when they do that.”

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“A Meeting and an Education” posted on Patreon

A Meeting and an Education, the story of Zizny & Cxaidin meeting, has been posted on Patreon, free for everyone to read.

The hunters had been trying the mountain again and so sentries were being posted. Zizny was young and junior and so had pulled more than a fair share of sentry duty, but tek found that it was not so burdensome as all that. For one, tek generally got to spend most of the day lounging in the sun, watching the birds fly by. For another, tek occasionally got a chance to meet interesting beings.

read on!

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Skeletons – Dragons Next Door – for the Giraffe CAll

For kelkyag‘s prompt.

Dragons Next Door Verse. DND has a landing page – here (or on LJ)

This comes after Over the Wall (LJ Link),
The Black Tower (LJ Link
The Pumpkin (LJ Link.

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Zizny gave me a look that I couldn’t really read; this one had nothing of humanity in it. It tilted its head at an angle, to look at me with one bright eye, its nostrils widening and its jaw dropping just a little. “The Pumpkin and the Black Tower have secrets. This I can understand. But what of Sage and Audrey?”

I felt my cheeks warming; dragons did not blush, but I was sure that this one knew what the coloring meant. “We’ve been together for a long time. It’s hard to hide anything from anyone for that long… it all comes out in the wash.” Human idiom on top of human body language; I knew better. I blamed it on my nerves.

“Like stains.” The jaw dropped a little more. “And so you have no secrets from one another?”

“Mm…” I hedged, wishing for a tall hedge and not just a short wall between us. The look Zizny was pinning me with seemed entirely predatory, and its front claws were twitching. “There are Pumpkin and Black Tower things, I’m sure. We don’t tend to poke there much. And there’s my family – but Sage knows most of that now.”

“Most? Now?” Zizny’s wings flared a little bit. I regained my calm, surprising myself at how quickly it came back when I felt threatened.

“Most. My family are – well, not the sort of people you talk about in polite company. I had to explain quite a bit of that right off – right from the beginning. Human weddings are family affairs, after all, and not having any family to stand up with you is a little unusual.”

“Yes,” Zizny nodded. “That would be so in a dragon ‘wedding’ as well.” Its wings settled down on its back. “So you are ashamed of your family?”

“Oh,” I sighed, looking down at my toes. “Oh, by the seventh iteration, yes.”

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