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Merry Kinkmas – The Pit

From my card, 17th and 21st blocks (random choice)

100 words each, Space Accountant

Content warnings: …slavery, drugs, dub-con touching, suffocation….

“There you go.” Genique didn’t know how long Edgarris had been gone, but he was suddenly back, pulling a hood over her head before she could stop him, zipping it shut over her face and buckling its collar tightly around her throat. The hood fit like a second skin, pressing against her cheeks, against her lips, against her eyes. She was engulfed in blackness, with nothing but the smell of leather oil in her nose.

She gasped, the collar pressing her windpipe as Edgarris used it to pull her to her feet. She gasped, fighting for air that wouldn’t come.

“Please,” she gasped, the hood eating the sound and forcing her lips shut. “eeesse…”

“First lesson of the Pit.” Edgarris’s mouth was right next to her ear, and yet she could barely hear him. “Everything, everything you get here, you must earn. Even air, pretty. Even a name. Even the right to speak. Do you understand?”

Even the right to speak. Light-headed and lost in the drugs, she still understood. She nodded mutely.

“Good.” He released the collar, dropping her to the floor. “Show me.”

She crawled towards where his feet must be, pressed her face to his toes. Please.

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