December Kink-Bingo Mini-Challenge

From my card, the second row.

Settings include Addergoole, Tír na Cali, Facets of Dusk, and Space Accountant

5 stories, exactly 100 words each.

Content warnings: language, semi-dubious-consent.

Consent Play
“I want you to fight it this time.”

She looked up at him, uncertainly. “Fight it? You said you didn’t want me to hit you or anything.”

“I rescind all of that – except magic-use restrictions – for tonight. Fight… I want you to fight it.”

“Why?” Even as she asked, she was wriggling off the bed. He grabbed her thigh, pinning her, so she kicked out with the other leg, catching him in the jaw.

“More honest,” he laughed, grabbing that ankle and pulling.

“Even if I want it?” She slammed a knee into his chest.

“More fun, too,” he admitted.

Mirrors and Doubles
“Why are we in a dressing room, Manira?”

“I wanted to try something… and this is the only place with enough mirrors. Come here, pretty.”

“Pretty…” he grumbled. Around him, an endless circle of hims grumbled back. “Boys aren’t pretty.”

“You, my lovely boy, are pretty. Want to see how pretty?”

“There’s a mirror.” But she was stripping, and that was far nicer than a mirror. They could get caught… but they wouldn’t. And she was… her tail was vanishing… her butt was… “Manira?”

“Turn around so I can get the ass right,” she…he… told him in his own voice.

“Oh, you’re a lovely thing, aren’t you?” He didn’t know the woman in front of him, except that he’d been told to obey her, a relatively superfluous order. He was, by this point, very good at obeying everyone. “Stand up and turn around.”

He stood, and turned, aware of his nudity the way he rarely was anymore. She was looking him over, patting his ass… measuring him, thigh, inseam, waist, her hands impersonal but her breath on his back very warm. “Here we go.” She rolled the leather pants up his legs, smoothing them over him like a second skin.

Gender Play
“Why do I have to be the boy?” Alexa muttered.

“Because Aerich is too pissy, Peter can’t act, and I scare the men here.” Cole’s hands were steady as he braided Alexa’s hair into the queue all the men wore in this world; Xenia was less gentle as she wrapped tape around Lex’s breasts, squishing them flat. “And Josie is… too ethereal.”

She didn’t ask why Xenia got to be the woman. That was obvious. Instead, she buttoned herself into the suit while Josie painted her mustache. “I make a good pussy?” she joked.

“You’re my pussy-boy,” Xen purred.

“Take this.” Edgarris handed the tiny pink pill to Genique.

“What?” She looked at the Master of the Pit uncertainly.

“Take it,” he repeated, more firmly, handing her the pill and a small cup of liquid. “Step one, entering the Pit.”

Infractions, including failures to obey, will be fined. She swallowed the pill quickly.

“Good. Sit here and wait.”

She sat, waiting. Jittering. She didn’t like this place. Her clothes were too warm down here, where it was six degrees hotter, and they rubbed against her skin, scratching. The air would feel nicer, the floor even better, if she stripped….

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