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Blog Post: Rafters, Projects, and Slipper Baskets

When I was in college, I learned a planning style that occasionally I re-remember.

This was during my Technical Writing class, and it was designed for planning a writing/publishing project, such as an advertisement brochure.

Turns out, it works pretty well for actually plotting out things like… renovations, too.

And spring is sort of coming now.  So I’m starting to figure out the planning for some of our extant projects.

They’re big ones.  I mean, it’s a house and I want to redo everything in it eventually.

(probably even the bedroom that we did first, because the walls still need redoing and we still don’t really have a closet.) Continue reading


My friend Wyste was writing about things, like a to-do list only more fun. These are my things.

There are 7 big parks within a reasonable drive of our house, not counting the one in our back yard. I’d like to hit all of them at least once this Spring/Summer/Autumn.

Two craft festivals, maybe three. Naples. Can we make Rhinebeck? Need a catsitter. Park Ave Fest in Rochester.

Wine festivals, Naples is a double-header that way, and Cortland. Be done with wine touring after E&KB until the students are gone for the summer – what else can we do while we’re waiting for them to leave?

(must not involve getting a tan for the next month & a half. Considering snow, not hard)

Tattoo! And a hairchop and dying.

Leads to knitting, need headbands. Lots of headbands & kerchiefs.

And I really want a sundress. Will the extant pattern work? How about fabric? Could probably buy new, still have coupons. But I have soooo much fabric laying around.

I should finish that little above-the-knee skirt. That would be cute come summer.