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My friend Wyste was writing about things, like a to-do list only more fun. These are my things.

There are 7 big parks within a reasonable drive of our house, not counting the one in our back yard. I’d like to hit all of them at least once this Spring/Summer/Autumn.

Two craft festivals, maybe three. Naples. Can we make Rhinebeck? Need a catsitter. Park Ave Fest in Rochester.

Wine festivals, Naples is a double-header that way, and Cortland. Be done with wine touring after E&KB until the students are gone for the summer – what else can we do while we’re waiting for them to leave?

(must not involve getting a tan for the next month & a half. Considering snow, not hard)

Tattoo! And a hairchop and dying.

Leads to knitting, need headbands. Lots of headbands & kerchiefs.

And I really want a sundress. Will the extant pattern work? How about fabric? Could probably buy new, still have coupons. But I have soooo much fabric laying around.

I should finish that little above-the-knee skirt. That would be cute come summer.

Hottest Days of summer pic for the nastiest days of winter

Sam’s Point Nature Preserve, near Ellentown NY; that’s me & our friends abjuk & E.Mc in the photo, taken by T. (the Sam of the Point was an ancestor of Abjuk’s)

This was one of the hottest days I can remember this past summer; we (Abjuk, E.Mc, T., and I) did a craft fest in Rhinbeck and then hiked this – the ice caves were absolutely wonderful after the heat.