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Flying-Squirrel’s Freedom (or Fetters)

Written to [personal profile] lilfluff ‘s prompt


Farley woke fuzzily.  The fetters were fixing him firmly in place, pressed against some sort of stake in the ground. 
"Fuck."  He blinked the sleep out of his eyes and shifted his arms.  A series of dull aches and sharp pains greeted the movement.  The webs between his arms and body were stretched badly.  His hands were bound above his head and behind the stake; his ankles were bound similarly.  At least he was on his knees.  That gave him a little bit of slack – a little.  Not nearly enough. 
Where was he?  Bound to a stake, that much was clear.  But… oh.  A mast.  Farley swallowed around a lump in his throat.  This wasn’t going to go well.  If the pirates…
"Eeeee-ah!"  Farley jerked his head around, trying to look behind him, and got nothing but more pain for his efforts.  That shout.  He knew that shout.  
"Diiiiiiie!"  And that one.  Farley struggled against the chains in earnest now.  The Fondly sisters were very good fighters – very, very good fencers.  Unless the pirates that had him were of the Natashon Clan, they didn’t stand a chance.  And, in a manner of speaking, neither did Farley. 
The Fondly sisters were very friendly.  Very, very friendly. And, while Farley wasn’t the sort of squirrel to stay in one place – he was a flying squirrel, pretty much your definition of flit-about – well, the Fondly sisters had a way of making their wishes come true. 
"Dieeeee… aw, you died."  
Farley fought harder against the fetters. 

Further fic: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/808481.html

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