Needed: Prompt theme ideas

I’m looking for ideas for future prompt-call themes.

Past themes have been alphabetical: Beginning with A, beginning with B (that got a lot of very strange replies and a lot of boobs) or whatever came to mind: the outdoors; erotic, exotic & exogenetic; ways and/or means; and the green.

I’m not really sure what gets people interested, since the response is rather random. Any suggestions?

(The next call for prompts will be sometime next week)

7 thoughts on “Needed: Prompt theme ideas

  1. Pick your favorite aspects of speculative fiction (s you will enjoy what you write) and see what people toss you (they may have a different take than you). Example: Re-imaged fairy tales That is one I know you like. If you like werewolves, do a prompt based on them, and see what you get. Other ideas that I might like more than you: cities, travel in a fantasy world, rivers, gnomes, etc.

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