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The Renovation Mini-Prompt Call

Hello my friends!

It’s coming into spring, so we’re doing #renovations on our 140-year-old farmhouse. And renovations cost #money

I am going to try a primarily Mastodon-based prompt call for fundraising.


The way it works:

Leave a prompt (in a toot or here on the webpage)

I write a toot worth (approx. 100 words) of story to that prompt.

Want more of a given story? Donate or Patreon-ize me (if you’re already a Patron, you get two toots’ worth to start with; just remind me).

I’ll post fic to lynthornealder.com once or twice a day to keep up.





Prompt Me!

I want to write as many approx. 150-word monsters in the next 5 days as I can stand.

Now taking prompts and/or requests

My Patreon theme this month is “return of the light” with a bonus theme of “blood and heart”

Bonus points (2 monsters+) for prompting within one or both of those themes. Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Hello to all and a Merry/Happy Christmas!

Today I’m spending the day at home – except possibly sushi in the evening – and I’m writing!


I will write a short Christmas vignette in any setting of mine you’d like to see (or appropriate winter holiday) or to a (winter-holiday-themed) prompt of your choosing.

(If this floods me, I may end up writing these over the next week~ )

(Including during the Wednesday Write-a-thon)

Autumn at Christmas?  Winter Holidays in Reiassan, Tír na Cali, Vas’ World? Sure!  Space Mom Christmas?  I’ll manage something! Continue reading

Need to Fight a Bunch of Monsters….

Okay, in #4thewords I need to fight a whole bunch of 200-250-word monsters.

So just for this weekend I am asking:

What would you like to see 180-250 words of?

No promises, but I need 50 leaves and I’ve only got 27, sooo.

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Stay Up Till Nano With Me: Mini Prompt Call~

I’m looking for a few prompts on my new ‘verse, Arlend.

It’s a small nation in a cold place at least 4 generations post-apocalypse.

The nation is totalitarian, the government is military, and the magic is spirit-based.

If THAT ‘verse doesn’t interest you, there’s also 4th Husband, the sub-verse Beekeper is in, and Aerax (The Expectant Wood) up for grabs.

And, because the goal of this is kickstarting my writing for the evening, please leave your prompts in the form of:

9 is for… [prompt]

10 is for…

11 is for…

Midnight is for….

I dunno, it’s new. You guys are creative, come up with something.

(and for tomorrow-Friday:
1, 2, 3, 4 are for…)

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Showcasing… “prompt” call

I need… a 1000-word story idea that showcases one of my settings. Any setting. Except Unicorns.

Pick a setting, give me an idea?

They might all get written, eventually.

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“Write Something Short, Lyn.” Not quite a prompt call

I’ve been doing really well on longer projects, but sometimes I just want something I can post right away.

So leave me any or all of the following:
* a setting (pref. one of mine, or a fandom you already know I’m part of)
* a character/pairing
* a mood
* three words
* a color

and, over the next while, I may write a story.

You may leave more than one set of these (for instance: Jamian, pink, triste; Vas’ World, darkness/flowers/running).

As always, my list of settings are here: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/938780.html

A look at my tags page: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/tag/ in the “character” section will give you a broad swath of the characters I write about.


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Feeling Creative? Need Blogging/Microfic Prompts for U,V,W,X,Y, & Z

My April A-Z blogging challenge is continuing! I’m a little behind (up through O), but I could use some more prompts for the last week, here: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/916817.html all set!

I’m down to U-Z, the tricky ones. Pls. feel free to prompt things about my writing, about my life, about the interwebs, about worldbuilding – have fun! If you guys don’t, I’m gonna have to come up with things on my own, and it’ll probably be somehow related to the worldbuilding I’m doing in my head.

…anyone know a bast fiber that starts with U?

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I Made an AO3 account…

(it’s aldersprig, of course).

And I have not all that much fanfic, and 9/10 of that is xover with Addergoole or Tir Na Cali.

So – prompt me fanficcy things, xover or not, that I can write as a stand-alone story. Not sure if I’m in a fandom? Feel free to ask.

Off the top of my head, I’m fluent enough in the following settings:
Leverage, Criminal Minds, Bones (early), Dr. Who (new), Torchwood(early, and iffy), Terry Pratchett/Discworld, Piers Anthony/Xanth (with some effort), Marvel cinematic universe, Batman comics (to some degree), Neil Gaiman’s Dream comics, Valdemr (Mercedes Lackey)… Narnia, Harry Potter, poss. Divergent…

I’m sure there’s more.

I don’t know how many I’ll get to, or how fast. But I’ll post ’em as I write ’em.

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