Magic in Reiassan

The magic in Reiassan parallels the deities. Loosely, it’s divided thus:

Red: War, blood, fire, strength, anger (destruction)

Green: Life, fertility, healing, plants, earth (creation)

Blue: Mind, air, water, breath (chaos)

Very little determined about these so far, but I know:

  • Priests & practitioners are often strongest in one area, to which they’re devoted
  • To be completely focused on one area, or to be in near-perfect balance of the three, are both rare & considered special
  • The area you’re strongest in affects or is affected by you personality/mindset
  • Being in a place strong in your area of focus strengthens your magic (i.e., on/in the water, in the forest, in the middle of war (or by a bonfire)
  • The magic shapes that particular zone

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