Today’s Reiassan Notes!

Note one: GOATS! Evolved bigger to begin with, and then bred to be riding-sized. is a good size-idea, but they’re bigger than that, even, the size of small ponies

Second-smallest unit of currency will be what can buy a pound of wheat. Money is (easily available metal) set with semi-precious and precious stones, the Tien, the Vieg, the Rei, and the High Tien/Vieg/Rei.

Twitter notes on inheritance & gender

Well, under Empress Grandma, the country had a major renaissance of innovation: a blue dynasty. Emperor Now~~~is a Red dynasty, very warlike, using Grandma’s infrastructure to conquer the Southern People. Buuut because of the ~~way inheritance works, Empress Grandma’s time was a very restrictive time for women, while Emp.Now is not.

The 1st-of-1st, 3rd-of-3rd, 9th-of-9th etc. child-of-child, of Gender Opposite Monarch, are heirs. I.e.~~~~Emp.Now’s 1st daughter’s 1st daughter, his 3rd daughter’s 3rd daughter. He was Grandma’s 9th son’s 9th son.

Inheritance by the women’s lines doesn’t require knowing who the father is, thus less sequestering of mothers.

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  1. A markhor is actually comparable in height to a Shetland Pony, though a bit lighter (upto 110kg where at shetland pony can be 200kg.) Your riding goats would probably be close to the size/weight of a New Forest Pony if you want them to safely carry adults. Height/Weight Chart for horses – – you likely want 12 hands minimum for your goats. Hope this helps. Now where did I put that camelid height weight chart….

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