Weekend Glory and La-De-Da

When I was working at the department store Bon*Ton in the housewares department, I had a co-worker who was concerned about the health risks in… pretty much everything we sold, but for this story, specifically the pans, non-stick, this, that…

So I asked her, well, why not All-Clad?

They’re a bit expensive, aren’t they?

Well, we just buy them scratch-and-dent, and we love the way they work.

And she said, I shit you not, “Well, La-dee-dah, you and your All-Clad.”

This has become an in-joke for us, now, one of the few in our house that doesn’t involve the Simpsons (“that video game with the great digital eyelash rendering,” for example).

So, this weekend, in the middle of a very wonderful trip with E.Mc and Kris, in which we did Christmas (it’s still January, that’s not late), they gifted us (Husband-person, really) with an All-Clad saucepan. La-dee-dah, us and our great weekend!

I love my friends. It’s good to be me.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Glory and La-De-Da

  1. Enlighten me as to what All-Clad is? I’m a bit concerned about the teflon thing, and my current (inherited) non-stick deep-disk skillet has enough scratches that I should replace it within the year. I shall be La-dee-dah about replacing it if the replacement is safer and will last longer.

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