Worldbuilding random eep!


Weeks are based on our rotation. They’re nice.

Stories with tendays bother me almost as much as stories with candlemarks and smeeps.

But calling a (for instance) 9-day span a week seems ripe for confusion.


(not smeep, that’s different)

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9 thoughts on “Worldbuilding random eep!

  1. Ehh I say just call it a week. There have been non-7-day weeks throughout human history and we still call them all weeks.

  2. sharontherose Sharon T. Rose: @lynthornealder re: #worldbuilding Sometimes, tho, we want to be different just to be different. 😛 Maybe look at other languages and use one of those words? What language does your setting use? [me: Their names are Slavic/Middle Eastern and Italian/Greek.] evdomáda; settimana; týždeň; teden …? [me: that third one is neat.] Slovakian, courtesy of g-translate

  3. Guilty! Torn World has tendays, because a week is too ingrained as seven days, the Empire wants neat divisions of ten to use in their calendar. We still have days and hours (though only 20 hour in each day, and their hours are slightly longer), but tick and tentick divisions of the hour, and tenthtick, if you’re really fussy. Not all of our choices are that arbitrary:

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