Happening Elsewhere Links etc.

If you have not checked out TheSilentPoet’s 28 poems in 28 days, you really should. She has a lovely way with twisting fairy tales.

[personal profile] haikujaguar has posted another Three Micahs article, on agility. These are great, informative, and fun articles on art as a small business, generally a business of one.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has posted an interesting link discussing whether or not a writer is a brand. As I contemplate branding myself with my logo rather literally, I find this interesting.

Speaking of interesting, cool, and Micah, check on this interview

and, to end the people-are-awesome portion of my linkage,
[profile] tybarbary has a really cool set of links in this week’s Things I Learned This Week post.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s Poetry Fishbowl is coming next week! 3/1/11, and the theme is!! “Things With Wings.” !!

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13 thoughts on “Happening Elsewhere Links etc.

  1. I really appreciate the signal boost. I think this will be a busy fishbowl. I’m dabbling a bit in the Muse Fusion this weekend too.

      • Okay, Torn World is a science fantasy shared world. The backstory is that the Ancients used technology based on time, which accidentally shattered the world into fragments, and those have gradually rejoined. This has left our modern characters a lot of challenges to deal with. The Muse Fusion runs on about once a month. It is similar to my Poetry Fishbowl and Ellen Million’s Sketch Fest, being inspired by those. Anyone is welcome to give prompts. Some number of Torn World contributors use whatever prompts come in to create stories, artwork, etc. This month we tried setting a theme for the first time, because we’re working on an anthology about families. You can read the Muse Fusion post here: http://community.livejournal.com/torn_world/61738.html

      • I think it is prompting like for the Fishbowl, but for Torn World. If I recall correctly (having seen the theme announced a few times) this weekend the theme is something like “Blood family versus Chosen family.”

  2. Which logo would be your brand? I’d be worried about building up a brand, then having a good idea that didn’t fit it. Unless you make you, the person, a brand? I am not sure that would be fun…

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