17 Replies to “Winter pictures from a winter hike”

  1. Ice falls! We get those on the rock cliffs by the highways. They are very pretty, and it would be nice to see one when not going over 60 miles an hour.

      1. Wow! It does have a couple of ice falls – I could see them when I embiggened it (which is not a word, but it fits so well). You have very pretty scenery.

        1. *smiles* we really do have nice scenery. And I always use embiggen, too. I wish I could get pics of the drainage gorges on the way home from work.

          1. No good place to park? Or would you have to stand in the road to get the photos? The gorges are really cool. I like them a lot for walking, because they are so dramatic. The path along the river is a bit more tame, but the river is always changing.

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