Archive | March 5, 2011

Giving face to characters

In discussing YsabetWordsmith‘s latest fishbowl, marina_bonomi asked:

Anyone else tries to give a face to the protagonists and antagonists in the material you read? Do you hear their voices instead? Both? neither?

This is actually a bit of an issue for me: I don’t picture people well, and certainly not faces. I’d have a hard time bringing to mind facial features of old, dear friends, much less fictional characters. Heck, I had no idea what Rin & Girey looked like for quite a while, and I only know what Autumn looks like because of her smile.

What I picture, for friends, for fictional characters, my own or others, for people I only know on the internet, is bits of body language, and sort of stand-alone body parts: Eseme’s hair. Wyst with a china cup of tea. Trix gets a screwdriver. it may be sonic. Brian’s hugs. Elasmo talking animatedly.

The curve of someone’s back. Their hands. Their expression. Their way of grumbling. The place I most often see them. But people? I don’t seem to picture people as a whole, at all, and I almost never picture /faces/.

What about you?