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Instant Karma moment of awesome

This weekend, T. and I were hiking down at Taughannock Falls State Park, as we are wont to do. We’d frozen half a water bottle full of water, as we are also wont to do, and then poured in water to fill, but this time, the half-liter of water really wasn’t enough for the day, and I was carrying around a half-liter of ice and wishing it to melt faster.

We’re in the habit of picking up a few piece of litter every time we go out walking, so I wasn’t thinking about it when I bent down to pick up the bottle of Poland Springs floating in the creek.

The entirely sealed, full, new bottle of Poland Springs Water.

Sometimes life is just fun.

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Hottest Days of summer pic for the nastiest days of winter

Sam’s Point Nature Preserve, near Ellentown NY; that’s me & our friends abjuk & E.Mc in the photo, taken by T. (the Sam of the Point was an ancestor of Abjuk’s)

This was one of the hottest days I can remember this past summer; we (Abjuk, E.Mc, T., and I) did a craft fest in Rhinbeck and then hiked this – the ice caves were absolutely wonderful after the heat.

Pics from the Fall in hopes of the spring

Photo by my husband, T., taken several months ago in a hike at Finger Lakes National Forest.

The pond was sproinging with these little things; we’d walk a foot and another would hop into the lake with a noise like a rubber-band banjo. T. managed to catch a picture of one.

Nice park. We will go there again when the road clears.