Drakeathon Writing Done!

And that is the last of the prompts given from the Drakeathon, written!

(My parents donated and have not prompted, but everything I’ve actually gotten a prompt for has been written).

All together in a document, it’s just under 14,000 words, 27 pages of 8.5×11 with no intros and little formatting. I plan to add to this a couple already-written things, where the prompt was “please continue this story.”

Next step(s): editing and formatting for the e-book. I know at least one story needs polishing – Lost Princess of Paradisia. I’ll have to read through again to see about the rest of them.

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2 thoughts on “Drakeathon Writing Done!

  1. Yay on finishing! I think brief intros for your settings might be useful for those who have not read Addergoole, or all your Stranded stories. But they won’t be long, or add that much to the wordcount (and possibly can be recycled from your series/setting page). And having the first half of the Summer conversation would probably be helpful! I’m willing to play “spot the typo” again, sometimes I catch other things on the second round.

    • The brief intros were planned, yes, and I planned to recycle them for my series/setting page when done 🙂 Also the first half of the Vas conversation.

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