Draft map of Reiassan, showing a few major landmarks

Draft map of Reiassan
Draft map of Reiassan

showing a few major landmarks

The borders are general “around this latitude” border markers; the border itself would be much more wiggly, following the terrain. The higher border is a historical border, when Ossulund was Eretia, but the border has moved a lot through the centuries

The line in grey down the right-center of the continent is the highest elevation of the major mountain range; the absolute highest peaks are up in the glacial area, petering down to hills by Bitrani territory.

The large river in the middle is the Velka Ree (“big river”), the dot near that is Ossulund.

Although I’m contemplating making the planet slightly smaller than Earth, right now, a degree latitude is the same as it is on Earth – approx. 69 miles (111 km). The continent is approx. 2760 miles long (4441.79 km), 518 miles (833.64 km) wide at the widest point.

Because of the very uneven terrain, travel on goatback is approx. 15 miles a day, down to 10 on the rough parts. Much of the travel is via rivers, and, since the rivers generally flow from North to South, this is part of the reason Callenia is better able to conquer Bithrain than the other way around.

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  1. Darn, the big version is to big to load. Are there a bunch or hills, or some sort of plateau where the big river splits in two? There would have to be, to make it flow in two directions. I’d say that the Bithraini should be able to hold that southern bit, below the river. Unless there is some naval warfare involved, a land-based army would not only have to fight across the river but would also have to fight up the hills. If weather moves west to east, there is a desert on the east of those mountains (which means while it will be cold in the north, there may not be glaciers due to a lack of precipitation on the eastern side of the mountains). If weather moves east to west, the eastern side of the mountains would be very lush, while the western side would not get nearly as much rain. At least, that is what I understand from basic weather classes.

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