8 thoughts on “Wordcount!

  1. Oooooo! Yours is more complex. Mine just has the date, the total wordcount, and the daily total. Sometimes I set weekly goals and would track if I met them in a fourth and fifth column.

      • *nods* Having one large project does simplify some things. Other things, like finishing, are another story. Your system is more colorful!

        • On days with an hourly wordcount goal, I have a little hourly chart, so each hour has the end wordcount for that story. Colorcoding helps.

          • Ah! It’s sort of like the session goals you can set up in Scrivener. I can tell it that I want to write 500 words, and it will keep a little counter with a progress bar going, showing me how I’m doing on that goal. I can adjust it longer if I have more time.

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