Gentlefolk, I am, today, stupidly excited by a number

That number being 155.4

Or, in other words, fifty pounds off!

I started in early February of last year, and I’m not really done yet. The winter was stupidly slow on weight loss; no walkies outside. But woo! When I started, I wasn’t sure I could do it. Now I am.

19 thoughts on “*DANCE*!

      • Oh my~ Well I am going to trim my hair again, if you like I can try to get some decentish pictures that if you like, you can potentially show a hairdresser so they know what it is supposed to look like with actual hair instead of “what are these lines, are they hair”. That was very much a run-on and I said ‘if you like’ twice. *cough*

      • flying by the seat of my pants I am doing a live healthy america challenge at work. We have to report our activity minutes and our team can opt to report weightloss. I am holding at 14 lbs. I am recording food and fitness at http://www.livestrong.com which is very educational. I’ve started looking at my sodium intake and watching the cholesterol as well. I let it calculate the calories I should be taking in to lose 1 lb a week. I try to stay below those. I will be looking at reducing my carbs while continuing to push my fiber intake in the next couple of weeks. My friends keep pushing South Beach in my direction. How about you?

        • Fiber is your friend! 🙂 I am doing (old-style) Weight Watchers, essentially limited calories + exercise with a side order of more veggies, more fiber, less fat. I’ve played on livestrong.com sometimes when I need nutritional info for Random Bulk Food Store Food.

      • also several of my friends are members of diexla. I started it as a place for my friends and I to talk openly about this kind of thing. You are most welcome if you would like to join.

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