Reiassan – Rin-and-Girey question

Hey, Rin-and-Girey readers – what do you want to see more of in their story?

I think I need at least three or four more stories along the road, and then one to three more as they move into Lannamer, since just crossing the bridge took two stories. But you tell me! What do you want to see?

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8 thoughts on “Reiassan – Rin-and-Girey question

  1. This is a surprisingly difficult question for me to answer! I think something between ‘Relics’ and ‘In Context’ would be nice, another during their visit to Ossulund, and… something between ‘Tea Time’ and ‘Heroes’ that gives another stepping-point in the development of their relationship, perhaps?

    • I have a Girey icon! Something between Relics and In Context, hrrm. I think I can come up with something. I really think In Context is like half a story, so that one’s easy. And yeah, at some point she needs to unchain him from the saddle. 🙂 That would be a stepping-point.

        • (Using this icon makes me think Girey is taking part in the conversation. It’s weird) I had forgotten, too, until eseme pointed out that she had to, for Girey to dive to her rescue in Heroics.

          • This is me saying I would like to read the unchaining story too. She is clearly still keeping his hands chained together, but not to the saddle anymore. Also, I will second “another during their visit to Ossulund.” Because I like her friends.

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