So… (Beta readers wanted)

Someone (*cough*Hob*cough*) talked me into trying to write a Cali novel.

This is going to be slow going, worked in around everything else (aiming for approx 1000 words a week on it), but I’d like a couple few beta readers for it so I know if I’m going way off course.

It will be semi-erotic/romance/dubiousconsent/Stockholm. Which is like saying it will be Cali.

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12 thoughts on “So… (Beta readers wanted)

  1. I can proof read and put my hand up when I don’t understand something. Don’t know if that’s quite what you want though.

    • Nano will be something else. This is… probably starting next week. 1000/week. I’m pondering making it e-mail, since Hob isn’t on lj or dw

      • Well, in 28 weeks you’ll have 28,000 words. So Novella? Or do you plan to put it aside and break for NaNo? *is curious* You can tell me to stop with the curious… Email works for me, at the Eseme one if you are sending to a whole list of people. You could also use the Eseme gmail account if you are sharing a doc.

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