State of the Panda ;-)

It hasn’t been the most productive 5-or-6 days writing-wise for me, but it was an awesome weekend.

Went shopping with mother-woman on Friday for birthday-type stuff, and fit into a size 8 capri!… albeit a bit snugly, but this is New York, I have another three weeks at least before I’ll need short pants.

(“Fit into a size 8 comfortably” is a weight loss goal)

E.Mc & Kris came to visit in the middle of a power outage Saturday-Sunday. We got very wet, had some awesome Thai, some awesome wine, and some awesome brandy. There were also birthday gifts… which I love! I have Shirley’s new book and two of Elizabeth Bear’s and we have a terrarium! It is shaped like a mushroom!!

Monday we drove up to my parents’ house to give them some leftover Christmas gift 😉 (That’s a 2-hour drive) and then for a bridesmaid’s-dress fitting, then home. It was a fun time, hanging out with my husband.

And then back to work!!

How was your weekend?

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3 thoughts on “State of the Panda ;-)

  1. Good! I should post about mine – I got a lot done, and aside form car woes it was good. Also, my mom appears to have located the bed I want (in a slightly smaller size) for cheap used, so I may well bring it home over the summer.

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